How to transport a vehicles

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How to transport a vehicle

The reasons why people may need to transport vehicles within the state or across the country may differ. Buying a new house, relocation for work purposes or long winter vacation with a family – it’s just a couple of examples. But whichever reason is it’s very important to make the moving process smooth and comfortable both for the car’s owner and for the vehicle itself.

Steps to follow

  1. Choosing the date. It’s very convenient if you have an opportunity to arrange the transport of the vehicle in advance. Even better if you can be flexible in the dates and especially in the seasons. Delivery of the car in wintertime will save you a couple of hundreds of dollars. But even if you will apply for the transporter of vehicles for summer but in advance, you still will get the better deal.
  2. Choosing the type of the transporter for the vehicle. Open transport is very popular, especially if we are talking about cars for everyday usage. You should remember that all the online offers and prices you see are exactly for this type of transport as it’s the cheapest one. You also need to be ready that upon delivery your car, even if it’s sent directly from the auto salon, will be not that attractive, at least until you wash it. Meanwhile, some carriers provide the washing service upon delivery for free – this option is especially important as you will see if the car got some dents or scratches on the way. On the other hand, we have an enclosed transport where your car will be placed into the trailer and, therefore, will be protected. To use this exclusive service, you will need to pay up to 60 percent more. It’s not surprising that this transporter is more famous for expensive vehicles like sports and exotic cars whose owners can afford to pay that big difference.
  3. Checking the vehicle's condition. This is important when planning how to load the car on the truck regardless if it’s an open or enclosed one. But you should not worry if there are some small troubles with your car operating. Normally, the main requirement is that the car should have the ability for rolling as well as have valid steer and brakes.  
  4. Choosing a company. Nowadays you can find ready lists of the Top transportation companies for delivery across the USA. There are even options to send a car abroad, including plane and ships. In some states you can find hundreds of the transports for vehicles while in some of them it can become a challenge. Especially if we are talking about Alaska and Hawaii. When you find a carrier which works with your particular destinations it’s very important to check the reviews – you can easily find them online. Better to check the most recent ones as that’s how you can see the most accurate picture of the company’s reputation. You should also pay attention to the objectivity factor, so it’s always better to go through at least 4-5 reviews.
  5. Getting a quota. Usually, you just need to insert the basic information on the company’s online calculator, and you will get the quota or immediately, or on the email. But you need to keep in mind that such a quota is preliminary, and only after all the details are discussed and agreed, the final quota is reflected in the contract. Here we should mention a so-called guaranteed quota. Only a few companies provide it to the customers. The main reason for this is that even a contract price still can be changed unless it’s not a guaranteed quota. It can be caused by various reasons – raise in fuel price, necessity to change the route because of some unexpected weather conditions or construction works on the road and others. When choosing a guaranteed quota, you will pay a little bit more, but here you are protected from any additional charges upon the delivery.
  6. Checking insurance. Typically, the insurance is included into the basic quota, but you need to check which exactly cases are covered as well as the insurance coverage. In case of very expensive and valuable cars it’s always recommended to arrange extended insurance so you will be less stressful while waiting for your car.

Famous examples

Here we will mention some popular transportation companies which are pretty reliable and with adequate prices.

Transport type as a cost to ship a car component

Easy Auto Ship is becoming more and more popular as it combines low than average prices and various types of deliveries without sacrificing a high-quality service.

Bargain Auto Transport is a good option if you are interested in comparing various offers from different service’s providers. You can find indeed attractive offers but also will need to spend some time on research.

Sherpa Auto Transport is an example of guaranteed quotas mentioned above. With this option you can be assured to get an “untouchable” price for the delivery.

There is no ideal transportation company for all the purposes and customers. You just need to find the one that fits your main requirements.

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