Features of the car hauls

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Main features of the car hauls

Nowadays there are a lot of options for moving your car from one spot to another one depending on its particular characteristics, the distance, the car owner’s requirements and others. Car hauls are becoming more and more popular as their specific features allow everyone to take advantage of this type of car's transportation.

Attractiveness of the hauls

A car hauling process is a placement of your car for moving on a special U-Haul while it will be towed by a trailer. The U-Haul itself is a very important part of the whole process that is why it’s significant to make a choice of a reliable company. This construction ideally should have a convenient and easy to reach load ramp as in many cases the drivers prefer to use their own truck or trailer for towing which means they will need to arrange the loading process by themselves. Also, the U-Haul platform should have special moving fenders to provide access to the car’s doors. Automatic hydraulic brakes will become an essential advantage for the security and safety purposes.

Placing the car on the U-Haul is not enough – you must also be sure that your vehicle will not be moving on the way. So, it has to be safely fixed. For this purpose, such construction provides tire straps and security chains.

You can choose to rent the U-Haul for a day in one location, for example, if you need to move your car from your house to the nearest maintenance office or to take it for the one-way trip. Before not every hauling cars’ company could provide such service as it was not so easy and comfortable to deliver the haul back. But with a great competition in the industry every wish of the client is playing an important role.

Finally, you will always have a choice to apply for car hauling rental trailers provided by the transportation company together with a U-Haul or to use your own truck. And if in the first case the carrier will take full responsibility of the moving process and all the details, in case your own truck that hauls cars you need to pay attention to some specific features it must have.

Requirements for the trailer for car hauling

Here we will provide you with the basic information, but normally you can always check with the U-Haul provider all the requirements in regards to your own particular truck.

  1. Hard top, especially in regards to the SUV.
  2. Fully functional lighting which should be operational for the whole day (and night). Moreover, the lighting requirement is also applicable to the U-Haul itself.
  3. 1 7/8 – 2’’ hitch ball with a hitch’s height not more than 25’’.
  4. Towing capacity in this case is not more than 5,290 lbs. with a towing system of at least 5,000 lbs. weight-carrying rating.
  5. For the security reasons and better perspective, the trailer must be equipped with all the necessary external mirrors.
  6. The weight of the trailer must be more concentrated at the front part.
  7. During the driving of the truck the speed must stay at the range of 55 mph. And of course, the driver should not ignore the common rule and must be fastened with a seatbelt.

AT dimensions

These requirements and data should be considered as approximate and everything is fully depending on the particular vehicles and equipment. Customer service will provide you with more detailed and personalized recommendations in every transportation company you are applying for.

Today you can easily haul cars by yourself if you have the appropriate tools and trailers. On the other hand, a lot of the car’s owners prefer to hand over all the details of the process to the professional which can save them a lot of time and be less stressful. Luckily, the cost of such a service is not very high and definitely worth it.

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