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Pros and Cons of the air car transport

Normally, auto car’s owners pay special attention to the cost of any deal in regards to their vehicle. It makes sense to repair some part of it only if a new detail is much more expensive. And if you are moving to another country, you need to carefully check if the car air transport (or any other kind of it) is a better option in comparison with purchasing a brand-new car at the destination country.

Even more traditional car’s transportation by truck may have some important and essential advantages and disadvantages. And when we are talking about such a complex method of the delivery as a car transport by air, there will be even more details to consider.

Main point of advantages and disadvantages of the airplane pilot car transporter

First of all, the main “audience” for car transport with airplane is the owners of really valuable and expensive cars like sports, classic, exotic and antique cars. In this case it’s just impossible to buy the car like this in another place and the owners will definitely do their best to arrange the best possible delivery ever.

So, here are the main and the most obvious benefits of using an airport transport with car seat:

  • Safety. You can be sure that not any bad weather can influence the condition of your car. It will be placed into a special container with extra care you are paying for. As we know, among all the types of the transportation, planes have the lowest rate of the crashes which is one more reason to place your super expensive and beloved car onto the plane;
  • Speed. Like with the passengers’ transportation, an airplane car transporter will be a much faster option to deliver your vehicle, especially if we are talking about indeed long distances. For example, if you need to deliver your car overseas, the plane will do it incomparably faster than any ship. Also, across-the-country routes can be covered within just a day while you can wait for up to two weeks unless your vehicle will be delivered by truck, for example;
  • Personal approach. It’s not surprising that when paying for an airplane car transport the sum equal to purchasing a new car (if we are talking about more ordinary passenger’s sedans), you can expect a perfect service. It includes the possibility to deliver your personal belongings together with the car – for not every other auto transporter can provide you with this opportunity. It’s very convenient in case you are moving to a new house and therefore you will save some money for arranging the additional delivery service for your parcels.

Of course, the main disadvantage of this method is its price. You as an owner of the quite ordinary car need to carefully think about the alternatives which nowadays can provide you with a great service as well. Below we will consider all the possibilities to replace a car transporter airplane by other types of the delivery.

Another point to consider is that to transport your car with seat in airport, you need somehow to arrange its delivery to and from these airports. It can take some additional time and effort, especially if your final destinations are pretty remote.

Should You Transport Your Car via Airplane Or Not

Existing alternatives

Today almost every type of the car’s transportation, both across the country or abroad, can be safe. You just need to carefully consider additional options and services in every particular case. Thus, the enclosed transportation by truck can be if not more but at least the same secure than a transport car by air. There are even some auto transportation companies which are specializing in the delivery of classic and sports cars. A great example is Horseless Carriage – a family-owned transporter which takes extra care about any car they are delivering. The price here is definitely higher than average enclosed transportation rate in the United States, but that is how you can be sure that the whole process will be the smoothest and the most convenient for your car. Additionally, in comparison with the airplane delivery, in case of the truck transportation you can always choose a door-to-door delivery. Meaning you don’t need to worry about anything and your car will be picked up and dropped off at the most convenient for your locations. With some small exceptions when the carrier’s truck will not be able to access the residential area because of narrow streets or some official restrictions – you just will need to choose a more appropriate but still near spot.

If you need to get your car delivered as soon as possible, you can always apply for the expedited or express service within a truck transportation. Of course, in some particular cases it may not be possible to deliver a car from the west to the east coast within a day (like you can easily arrange with air freight), but in the overwhelming majority of cases such express services can be a great option if you want to save some money.

If you need to deliver your vehicle overseas, it may look like air transportation is the only possible option. You can easily check with any big transportation company if they are dealing with international shipping. In this case, your vehicle will be placed onto the ship and can also be delivered to any spot of the world. Of course, normally it will take some more time, but if we are talking about the difference in price of thousands of dollars, this can be a great opportunity for the overseas car’s delivery.

Air transportation of your car is definitely a very nice option, if you can afford it. Many air freight companies can provide you with some attractive discounts if you are applying for their services on a more regular basis as well. But for those who are just looking for the most effective price-quality equation, an auto transportation via truck is still one of the most attractive and affordable options.

As an example of the air transportation companies, we can mention West Coast Shipping. You can expect to pay a few thousands of dollars for the transportation of small cars (as we know, most sports cars have a pretty compact size) which is definitely a good price if the value of the car itself is more than 100,000 dollars. The insurance is also included; therefore, your vehicle will be fully protected from any damage on the way (which is a very rare occasion in case of the air transportation). Finally, you can even arrange the delivery to your home from the airport which is a great option for business people. 

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