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Reliable moving car transport companies

There is a huge range of reasons why people can be interested in shipping a car. Among the main of them, we normally can see relocation and purchasing a car online from another state. Here we will pay attention to the first variant as it has some specific features which can be useful to know.

Here you have two options: moving companies that transport cars or specialized reliable car transport companies. We will disclose the specific features, advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Car moving transport companies

Of course, in some cases it’s pretty easy and possible to arrange the relocation on your own, especially within one city. But if we are talking about another state location, it’s much more efficient and rational to apply for the moving company’s service. Traditionally, such carriers are dealing with furniture, personal belongings and other stuff, but sometimes you can meet moving companies with car transport.

In this regard there are two main points to consider: price and logistics. Of course, adding a massive and heavy car inside the moving truck will add a significant weight, therefore you will need to pay for it. Also, the loading process is definitely much more difficult here and will require some special equipment as well as skills from the driver’s side. From your perspective it should sound as a more practical solution as if you are moving everything together you have less fuel consumption in comparison with separate delivery. But from the moving car transport companies’ side, they are losing money as instead of the huge car they could fill the space with another client’s belongings. That is why you should expect to pay a significant extra price for your vehicle, and in many cases it’s almost the same when you are moving a car separately.

On the other hand, in case of using a moving companies’ car transport service, you can better schedule the whole process as everything (together with your car) will be picked up and delivered at the same time and you don’t need to schedule it.

Considering the logistics perspective, moving a car together with everything is very common and much more convenient if you are sure that a moving company will anyway arrange for you the whole truck or trailer. In this case adding a car will not become a big issue – you will just need to fill it with as many belongings as possible and add some oversized furniture on the top. It will be profitable even for the carrier itself – why not to earn some more money if there is still the space left and it cannot be used in any other way. You can even expect a very good price in this case. Also, low season in the transportation industry can become your way out, that is why if you can schedule your relocation in advance, it’s always suggested to choose the period from October till April.

On the other side, here we are getting some restrictions. If you have a small move (meaning not too much stuffs, you have to deliver to another state, most probably it will be a challenge to arrange a space for your car. As was mentioned before, every moving company is highly interested in getting more profit, so making an additional order instead of loading your single car will definitely be a more attractive option for the company. Especially if we are considering a high-demand summertime.

But you can always discuss the possibilities with the moving company’s representatives as many of them have a wide network of the car carriers among transport companies and can provide you with a much better deal than if you will look for it by yourself.

Applying for a professional transportation service

Car’s delivery can be performed by one of the best rated car transport companies, and the rate you will need to pay can be pretty adequate, especially in comparison with an additional cost from the moving company’s side.

There are a variety of options you can choose from to make the whole relocation process smoother and more effective. For example, you can arrange less typical terminal-to-terminal delivery so your car can be stored at the car carrier transport companies’ office unless you are ready to pick it up. It will help you to avoid unnecessary moves and stress when your car is already picked up and you still need to wait to arrange the transportation of all the belongings.

Most interstate car transport companies can provide you with an expedited delivery service which is much more difficult and expensive to arrange within a moving company. We can wait for our furniture and other stuff to be delivered for a couple of weeks, but we definitely need our car as soon as possible, especially if you are living in a suburban area and need to go to work in the city.

The cheapest option you can have is a terminal-to-terminal transportation on an open-air platform, and it’s always better to arrange the shipping service in advance. The cost will be not too high, plus most of the carriers provide some discounts to different groups of the customers. This detail you need to check in advance and also to discuss the possibilities with the seller’s representatives.

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On the other hand, best enclosed car transport companies will provide your car with much more attention and care in comparison with moving ones. This service is definitely more costly, but if you have a new and valuable vehicle, it’s always better to choose a more personalized service.

Whichever option you have chosen, you need to make sure that the exact carrier that will be dealing with your car’s transportation has all the necessary documentation to approve its legality. Particularly, there should be a certificate provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It’s important to mention that if you are dealing with the transportation broker to arrange the car’s delivery, you need to request and to check a particular carrier.

Customers’ reviews are one more essential tool to avoid any frustration and disappointment. You can check if the transportation company is dealing in a timely manner and if there are some hidden costs that appear upon delivery.

There are some more important features to check before choosing a particular carrier regardless of the fact if it’s a moving company or the professional car’s carrier:

  • Experience. Typically, a transporter is considered as experienced if it is in business for at least 5 years. The more the better in this case as new carriers may not be well prepared and will not be able to deal with some unexpected obstacles (like weather conditions or problems with loading the car);
  • Variety of services. Today almost everything is possible, at least in regards to the car’s moving. And if a carrier is not ready to fulfill your requirements, you need to search for the one who can handle it or at least can suggest some alternative solutions;
  • Customer support is one of the most important features of the transportation company. You need to be able to contact the carrier any time, and online 24/7 service on the website is one of the greatest examples. It’s also better if you can track the car’s transportation and therefore to make sure everything goes smoothly. By the way, the website itself plays an important role as well as you need to be confident in looking for some information through it.

We can name some reliable and popular in the USA transportation companies for your convenience. Montway Auto Transport, Sherpa Auto Transport, Zoom Auto Transport, US Auto Shipping, uShip and many others can provide you with a full range of possible services in regards to your vehicle’s delivery.

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