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Used car transporter trailers trucks

In some cases, it’s much easier and cost-effective to buy a whole car transporter trailer truck than to apply for the professional transportation companies’ services. Especially, if you know that the necessity of this process will be on quite a permanent basis as well as you are sure you are able to cope with such a massive and huge construction.

This is one of the cases when there is no big necessity to purchase extremely new car transport truck trailer from the official producer or dealer. The only thing you need to make sure is that the used car transporter trailer you are considering to buy is operable and doesn’t have any essential damages and problems.

To do so, you need to use only reliable and trustworthy marketplaces and online platforms where you can not only compare the offers but also to make sure that you can trust the seller.

Which used car transport trailers for sale you can find

Before considering a deal in more details, you need to have a basic understanding of the types of the used car transporter trailers you may find.

The main point here is if you are interested in a 1-car trailer or for multiple vehicles. The first option can be more common for the individual usage while 5- or 6 -cars trailers will be more common in case of the professional company which wants to raise its fleet. You just need to remember that in case of the used car transport trailers maximum capacity for the cars’ transportation is six.

Beside the passenger’s car itself, you may also be interested in delivery of any other motorized vehicle, so before making a choice you will need to carefully count all the parameters. Otherwise, it can become quite challenging to make some improvements and adjustments. When we are talking about a multiple-cars trailer, we consider two-decks construction.

The desk can be of different materials and, therefore, of different price. The cheapest version is more traditional wooden decks. They look pretty nice, but only at the beginning. With time they are getting covered with some dirt and dust which are not so easy to wash away. Basically, the difficulties with washing are one of the most important disadvantages of this material, and that is why nowadays we can find some alternatives. Thus, metal constructions don’t have such a disadvantage while they are much more durable. The main cons here is a higher price but this option still can be considered as a golden mean. Finally, we can consider aluminum decks which are much lighter than metal ones and, therefore, have less fuel consumption.

If you have ever applied for the professional transportation company’s service, you might know that traditionally there are two main options you need to choose from – an open or an enclosed transport. Exactly the same in regards to the used car transport trailers. Nowadays the most popular and cheaper version is definitely the open one, and most of the offers you will find will be exactly of this type. But for those who are planning to deliver more expensive and exotic vehicles the enclosed truck should be carefully considered. One more important benefit of this transport is that, beside the car itself, you can place there everything you want starting from the motorcycles and ending with furniture in case of moving.

Beside such main features, you can find a lot of additional bonuses distinguishing any particular model of the car transporter trailer used. For example, when purchasing this construction for the personal needs you need to make sure you will be able to handle it. Especially in regards to the loading and unloading process. Many professional carriers and transporters have some complex and sophisticated equipment as well as a great experience to deal with it, and you will have to perform everything on your own.

For this purpose, you should better look for a used car transport trailer with a fold-down rear door. This part of the trailer can provide you with two main benefits:

  • Firstly, you will be able to use this door for an easy procedure of loading and unloading any vehicle onto the trailer without any assistance;
  • Secondly, with such a rear door your trailer will have significant extra protection. Of course, in most cases on a daily basis you will not need this extra coverage, but in case of any accident on the road you will be sure that the car which is placed inside the trailer will have less possibility of being damaged.

Some tips for online purchase

Today we have a lot of “smart” online platforms for this kind of deals which are not only gathering various offers from different sellers across the country but also evaluating if this particular deal is worth it or not. Thus, the analytical system there checks the average price on the market for the particular used trailer for the car's transportation and compares it with the offer. Directly on the website you will get the information if the price is too high and what is the alternative. Of course, it can be not so profitable and convenient for the sellers but from the customers’ side it’s a great option.

Machine transport

There are several main points you need to pay attention to. The seller should provide you with all the essential trailer’s parameters like the length, the net weight, the maximum weight capacity, the cargo space width and length as well as the year and make of it. To achieve maximum transparency, you can also require some additional pictures for the particular part of the car which is not presented in the offer. The possibility of the delivery is also an important part of the deal – otherwise it can become quite challenging to find an appropriate carrier for the massive car transport trailer, especially if it’s located in the opposite part of the country.  

As an additional option, especially if you are not planning to deal with truck trailers for too long, you can just hire a car transport trailer for a particular period of time. Here you will face some specific nuances like the necessity to find the most convenient way to return the trailer to the owner or the company you are dealing with. In some cases, the same company is dealing with selling and providing a truck for rent.

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