Variety of the cars transport services

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Variety of the auto transport services

Beside the fact that most of us usually consider transportation companies as a tool to deliver our car from point A to point B, there is a great variety of additional transport auto services which they provide. Depending on your particular needs and requirements you can easily find just what you want.

The main examples to consider

Of course, on the first place among the offers of almost any carrier is a car’s delivery. You can choose particular destinations, from and to which the delivery will be arranged. There is also a great number of additional points to take into consideration. An open or an enclosed transporter, a standard or an expedited service, the necessity of the additional insurance and others. Frankly speaking, there are a lot of articles specially on this topic, that is why we will be more concentrated on additional transporter auto services.

  1. International auto transport services. This is quite a unique type of transportation as it requires a full attention to the details. In comparison with a traditional across-the-country shipping, here the transporter will deal with a lot of paperwork and documentation to make the whole process legitimate for the destination country. In many cases the delivery is ending at the ports or some big cities so you need to think in advance how to arrange the farther car’s transportation. This service is especially popular among military families as well as among the foreigners who are ordering a new car from the USA.

    Separately we can mention the delivery to Canada. It’s much easier and also a more popular type of international transportation. As the whole process takes place on the company’s truck, it’s possible to arrange the delivery not only to Vancouver, Edmonton and Ottawa but also to Regina, Calgary, Saskatoon, Halifax and various provinces.

  2. Shipping to the remote states. The USA is a huge country, and most of the carriers provide auto transporting services across the whole country. With some small exceptions. Hawaii and Alaska are indeed difficult to get, and additional difficulties can appear in finding an appropriate number of orders not only to, but also from these states. There are some companies which are specialized exactly on these remote locations. The great example is Montway Auto Transport, which is also popular with its quite adequate prices.
  3. Shipment of motorcycles and motorbikes. Although these types of vehicles are much more compact and easier to relocate, some transportation companies are not willing to deal with them. The problem is in the appropriate tools for fixing and loading them. The best practice here is to use an enclosed transportation which will provide a full protection for your moto. Especially if you are considering the transportation service as a way to get to some exhibition and race.
  4. Boats. There are more and more cases when people are applying for the boats’ and yachts’ shipping, and many huge transportation companies started to provide this kind of services. In most cases we are talking about an open transport here, mostly because of the oversized vehicles. But if you are interested in additional protection and safety for your valuable yacht, you can apply for a soft-enclosed transporter. In this case it will be much more secured.
  5. Between sellers and buyers. This can be considered separately because of the specific process. Here not only the customer is interested in the service but also the seller. Thus, the carrier will be dealing with both of them. When picking up the car from the auto salon or the office, it’s the transportation company’s responsibility to carefully check the car’s condition, both technically and visually. Any damages or scratches upon delivery will fully lay on the carrier. Also, the time of the delivery should also be discussed and agreed with the both sides. Considering all these additional features it’s not surprising that many transporters take additional charge for this type of delivery.

International auto shipping

These were just the most common examples of the additional services you can apply for. In case you have something different, you can always check the possibilities with the company itself. Today, in a great competition between various auto carriers, it will be pretty easy to find a way to fulfil your requirements. And considering such a specific type of the transportation services, It’s always recommended to compare a few options to make sure you are not overpaying.

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