Everything you need while shipping a vehicle cross country

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Everything you need to shipping a vehicle cross country

When you’re planning to move, then shipping your car for long distances can be very stressful. Therefore, it would be better if you can hire an auto shipping service to transport your vehicle to a new location. By hiring a trucking company, you can avoid the risks associated with road transport. The company will deliver your car to the final destination and take care of its safe arrival. When researching a car transport service, you can request a quote to ship one of your vehicles, or ship all of your vehicles at once. Thus, it will be more convenient for you to handle all your road transport solutions since you don't have to worry about logistics while shipping vehicles cross country.

The season is the first thing to consider while shipping a vehicle across the country

The time of year also influences your decision in vehicle shipping across country. Especially if you are moving to more northern parts of the United States. The bad weather conditions in winter can make driving quite challenging. But shipping a car across the country is a much safer and more convenient option during the winter. You can avoid potential problems caused by bad road conditions during the cold season. It will make your travel to your new home faster and more comfortable. Your car will be protected from the elements if it is shipped in an enclosed truck. And even the cost of delivery will be less expensive since the business does not go so fast during the winter months and the demand for road transport services is much lower. Traveling around the country during hot seasons is likely to be enjoyable and stress-free. However, the higher shipping prices in the summer will provide an even bigger stimulus to drive the car across the country in winter.


Most auto transport companies only hire and work with qualified and experienced drivers who know all the details about the moving process. The drivers also have to go through background checks for additional peace of mind security. Before hiring an auto shipping service, you should also check how reliable the company is. Searching reviews from previous customers is a great way to measure a company's reliability and timeliness. Through your research, you will realize that auto shipping service can be a reliable choice as many people trust this form of cross country vehicle shipping.

Types of trucks

Enclosed auto transport is the best option for those who care about the safety of their cars. This option is more expensive than an open carrier, but it is the safest way to transport an expensive vehicle. It protects cars from bad weather and prying eyes from unwanted spectators. Enclosed auto transport is usually smaller than the open one. The enclosed carriers should be scheduled as soon as you know you need to move your car. This is a more expensive offer, but if the safety of your vehicle is your main concern, this is the best option for you while shipping a vehicle across country.

If you select an open auto transport, your vehicle will be shipped together with other vehicles. This option is the most affordable option for most car owners. However, you should remember that this option also makes your vehicle vulnerable to possible damage and harsh weather conditions.

Tips to prepare your car before the shipment

Remember to empty your gas reservoir before pick-up. Because any additional weight will affect the price and it is a safety hazard to ship an automobile with a full tank. Don't forget to inspect your car at the pick-up and delivery point for scratches and damages. Getting extra insurance when you ship your car is not a bad idea. Remove all the personal belongings from the car, because they can add on weight and they are usually not covered by insurance.         

Shipping price factors

open trailer on a highwayThe better you understand the major factors that affect the cost of shipping vehicle cross country, the easier it will be for you to lower your price.

  1. The car shipping company. Keep in mind that different car shipping services have different car shipping rates. This is why you should contact several reputable car shipping companies and ask for their car shipping quotes.

  2. Machine size and weight. The larger and heavier the car is, the more expensive it is to ship it from one place to another.

  3. Distance. The distance between pick-up and dispatch delivery has a big impact on the cost of shipping a vehicle across the country. As you can imagine, there is a big difference between transporting a car at a distance of 300 miles and shipping it 3000 miles across the North American continent.

  4. Model of a vehicle. Very expensive and luxury cars cost more to safely transport them across the country.

  5. Fuel. The current fuel price will also affect the costs of vehicle shipping cross country.

  6. Insurance. The cost of the car insurance may be included in the auto shipping estimates you receive. If you need additional insurance, you should ask your car shipping service about it.

Choose you car delivery method while shipping vehicles across country

As for the delivery method of the vehicle, you usually have two options. The first is terminal-to-terminal delivery, in which you leave your car at one designated location and pick it up at another. Terminal-to-terminal delivery is usually the cheapest option, as you’re responsible for bringing your vehicle to the drop-off spot, and then picking the car up from the second spot and driving it to the final destination. It is also cheaper for the car shipping service, as it can include your automobile in an entire shipment load rather than setting it apart for specialized service. While this will reduce the overall cost of shipping vehicle across country, you should understand that if you leave your car in the terminal car park, it will be exposed to the elements until you get it.

Door-to-door delivery occurs when the hauler picks up your vehicle from your preferred destination and delivers it to your new place. Door-to-door delivery offers more personalized service at higher costs. Depending on where you live, this option may also be unacceptable to you. For example, if your access road is narrow or winding, you may need to set a nearby delivery point to provide driver access.

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