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All You Need to Know about Car Transport Door-to-door

When you need to transport your vehicle from one state to another you are likely to look for the method which will be the least time-consuming and the most convenient. And here comes door-to-door car transport. This is the option preferred by people who choose comfort and safety over other factors. In this article, we are going to tell you about the main benefits of door-to-door car transport interstate as well as about the possible downsides of this option. 

What is interstate door-to-door car transport?

There are two methods of delivery when it comes to vehicle shipping - transporting your vehicle door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal. 

Despite its name, a door-to-door car transporter may not deliver your vehicle right to your house. If your final destination is located in a remote place that is hard to access, the transporter may just leave the vehicle as close to your place as possible. 

Therefore, it would be more correct to say that when requesting a door-to-door car transport quote, you just have the opportunity to have your vehicle picked up and dropped off in the pre-agreed place.  

What options do door-to-door car transporters offer?

If you want to find the best door-to-door car transport, you should know what options the shippers usually offer.

When requesting a door-to-door car transport instant quote, you can choose a multi-car open carrier or an enclosed transporter. Both options have their own pros and cons.

Multi-car disclosed trucks

This option is the most popular thanks to its cost-efficiency and availability. Most cars in the USA are transported on such types of carriers. They are able to accommodate up to 8-10 vehicles and can have a single level or two levels. However, these types of trucks are less maneuverable because of their large size, which means that they won’t be able to easily navigate narrow streets. 

Undoubtedly, the main disadvantage of this shipping method is that the vehicle during transportation is completely open to the environment. This means that it isn’t protected from road debris, extreme weather conditions, and other factors which may cause damage to your car. Nevertheless, if you look through door-to-door car transport reviews for disclosed transportation, you will hardly find a lot of complaints about damaged cars. Reliable and trustworthy carriers know how to deliver your car safely and timely, regardless of the method of shipping you choose. All the vehicles are safely secured in the carrier, so you have nothing to worry about.

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Enclosed trucks

If you need to ship a valuable or rare vehicle, we strongly recommend you choose enclosed door-to-door car transport. This option has a more comprehensive insurance coverage plan and provides your vehicle with 100% protection since the cargo is securely sealed inside a container, which totally covers the car from the outer elements. 

This shipping method costs about 40-50% more than vehicle transportation on disclosed carriers. However, we believe that in some cases it’s absolutely worth it.

Enclosed car transport door-to-door is the best option for shipping antique and classic cars with high value.

How to prepare your vehicle for door-to-door car transport interstate? 

As soon as you have requested a door-to-door car transport instant quote and have made up your mind about what company to work with, you should think about getting ready for the transportation. Generally, door-to-door car transporters place some tips on their websites, or they can provide you with detailed information on the phone. However, if you still have no idea what to start with see the checklist of what to do below.

  1. Check the car for technical issues - the pressure in the tires and their condition, fluid level, and other characteristics. Don’t forget to tell the company if our vehicle is out of order because even the best door-to-door car transport won’t be able to load/unload your inoperable vehicle without special equipment.

  2. Leave your fuel tank only ¼ full.

  3. Empty your vehicle. Don’t leave any personal belongings inside the car. Not a single door-to-door car transporter will bear responsibility for your personal items, as they are not covered by the insurance. What is more, large and heavy items left inside the car during interstate door-to-door car transport can cause damage to the vehicle.

  4. Check the exterior of the vehicle - fold in mirrors, and remove antennas, spoilers, and other external accessories if possible.

  5. Give instructions to the driver on how to turn off the alarm or disable it yourself before the pickup.

  6. Wash your vehicle and take photos from different angles. If there is any existing damage, document it separately. This must be done in case you notice any damage upon delivery, in order not to be unfounded and to have certain evidence.  

  7. Give the keys to the driver and tell them any details about the locking system that should be taken into account.  

 What else to pay attention to when door-to-door car transport?

Door To Door Car Shipping ServicesEven if you expect to get your car right at your doorstep when asking for a door-to-door car transport instant quote, it is worth considering the characteristics of the carrier and the dimensions of the transport truck. Notify the driver in advance if you think he may have problems accessing your location. Tell him about possible obstacles on the way, like narrow streets or low-hanging tree branches, wires, etc. 

Some companies offer international door-to-door car transport quotes. However, you should always remember that transporting a vehicle overseas is a more complicated process than having it shipped inside the country. If you need to move your vehicle overseas, don’t forget to check whether the shipper is licensed for international transportation. The company should have enough experience in overseas transportation, which you can check by studying international door-to-door car transport reviews. 

No matter whether you are in need of interstate door-to-door car transport or overseas shipping, an insurance coverage plan is another issue you need to pay special attention to. Clear up in advance what exactly the insurance cover and if necessary, don’t hesitate to ask for additional coverage.   

In conclusion, don’t forget to have your paperwork done for you. If you have enough experience in vehicle shipping, you can just ask your door-to-door car transporter to provide you with the full list of documents necessary for safe and secure transportation.

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