How to find the best cars transporter trailers

How to find the best car transporter trailer

You do not know much about car shipping right until the moment you need to move your own vehicle from state to state or overseas. Transporting a car on a trailer isn’t an easy task. There are so many questions in your head, such as “How to find a good car transport trailer rental near me?” “What should I pay special attention to?” “How much does it cost to ship a car?” “What type of shipping should I choose?”

In today’s article we will try to provide answers to some of these questions. We hope the information below will be useful for you.

What type of trailer to choose?  

Choosing a good trailer for car shipping is a very important task. In order to find the best option you should know about pluses and minuses of both open trailer car transport and enclosed.

Open shipping is more popular thanks to cost-efficiency and availability. It isn’t very expensive and there are many companies offering this type of shipping.

As for a car transport enclosed trailer, it is 40-60% more expensive but at the same time it’s safer. Let’s go a bit into details and find out why enclosed trailer car transport is really worth your attention.

What is an enclosed car transport trailer?    

An enclosed car transport trailer is a carrier which covers your vehicle from all the sides, including the roof. Thanks to complete protection the vehicle won’t get damaged by road debris or in case of bad weather conditions, such as hail, snowstorm, etc. This is the best car transporter trailer for shipping luxury and antique cars, which need extra protection.

So why is using enclosed car transport trailers the safest way to move a car? First of all, this option shelters your vehicle during the transportation. You can choose either a hard-sided or a soft-sided enclosed car transporter trailer. The first one is more comfortable to use during the loading/unloading process, because the side curtains of the trailer can be lifted providing more space to fasten/unfasten the vehicles properly. The second one looks like a container inside which the car is sealed and secured.

Almost all enclosed shipping has the option of door-to-door delivery, which means that your valuable vehicle will be driven onto the trailer, sealed inside, and it will be disclosed only in your presence upon the delivery. 

In large companies, all drivers who deal with luxury cars go through a special training in handling high-end vehicles, in order to ensure total protection to your car during loading/unloading.

Finally, when shipping a vehicle on an enclosed trailer car transport, you can be sure that it will be delivered absolutely clean, the way it was loaded onto the trailer. 

Undoubtedly, open trailer car transport will cost you less, but we believe that it’s better to overpay for your peace of mind.

What makes an enclosed car transport trailer so special?

Pinto Car TransporterThe whole process of shipping a vehicle on an enclosed car transporter trailer isn’t as difficult as you may think at first. However, it has a number of indisputable advantages, which make your car shipping super comfortable and safe.

All enclosed car transport trailers, be it a new car transporter trailer or an old one, are equipped with hydraulic gates which are designed for loading/unloading low ground clearance vehicles. Open trailer car transport doesn’t have this option, they will only offer you standard ramps. 

Vehicles are treated with special care as the staff understands that you pay more for service and you expect to get more. Any car transport enclosed trailer is about a higher level of responsibility, trustworthiness, and liability. Enclosed shipping is always associated with top-notch service. 

Winch service for inoperable cars can be provided on demand. This option can also be used for shipping antique and classic cars, for example, if you don’t want your vehicle to be driven onto the enclosed car transporter trailer. Don’t forget to tell the shipper in advance, if you need winch service.  

Some companies even offer climate control hauling on their enclosed car transport trailers, which is especially important if your vehicle is a work of art or a precious exhibit.  

Although the number of enclosed trailers is limited in comparison with that of open trailers, you still can count on express trailers car transport. Expedited shipping will cost you extra money, but it’s worth it in case you need to have your car delivered as soon as possible. 

What to demand from the car transport trailer rental near me? 

There are certain things you should pay special attention to when choosing the best car transporter trailer. Check the list below:

  • Ask for the drivers contact information in order to stay constantly updated on the shipping status. It’s even greater, if the company has the option of online tracking.

  • Check the company's registration and license. All carriers in the US should have an MC number. Make sure that you will work with a company that has all the necessary permissions to transport vehicles.

  • Check the condition of the trailer. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to ship your vehicle on a new car transporter trailer, but it has to be technically prepared for the transportation.

  • Clarify insurance details. All carriers in the US have insurance. However, some companies provide only standard insurance, which doesn’t totally cover your vehicle from any type of unintended damage. When shipping a luxury or antique car, it’s advisable to purchase extra coverage just for your peace of mind.  

Choosing the right service for transporting a car on a trailer entirely depends on your preferences. However, we hope that the information provided above will help you find the best solution.

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