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Best classic car transport company and its activities

The United States has a highly developed market for car transportation throughout the country, including states such as Alaska and Hawaii. If you are moving to a new place, it is much more convenient to use the services of a car hauler transport company to deliver your cars. Thanks to this, there is less wear and tear on the car, fuel consumption and the owner does not have to sit behind the wheel for several days and drive hundreds and thousands of miles on busy highways across the country. Most businesses, both car brokers and carriers, offer a range of services for the transportation of various types of vehicles, from vintage and classic to the most modern sports and luxury exotic cars. The level of service differs from company to company, depending on experience and reputation. Check out some of the most well-known transport companies operating in the local road transportation market, offering, in addition to standard services, the delivery of classic and exotic cars.

Delivery of classic cars

Services for organizing the delivery of classic cars include two main types of transport, as for most standard vehicles - transport in open and closed trailers. For enclosed delivery, more expensive vehicle insurance terms apply. The car is also not exposed to the external environment with age. Which mode of transport is better to choose?
If a classic car needs to be repaired and the effects of the weather are not important, an open trailer can be used.

If a classic car is in working condition after repair, it has been painted and is in excellent condition, and it will be stored indoors, then it is better to transport it in a closed trailer. If there are also different loose parts on the car, it is better to unload it in a closed trailer, where it is safer. For transport in open and closed trucks, two types of insurance are applied. For standard cheap cars delivered in public, the insurance usually does not exceed $50 thousand, while the duration of the insurance amount for expensive cars in closed trailers ranges from 250 thousand and sometimes $1 million.

CDLScan as a leader in classic car transportation

This classic car transport company has a sufficient cost of services and constantly monitors the skill level of truck drivers to maximize the safety of old cars. The company constantly pays attention to the reviews of its clients, who place high marks in their comments regularly on the professional activity of this broker. And the few downsides come down to annoying banner ads and variable rates, though only a few companies offer guaranteed shipping rates. CDLScan regularly tops the list of trucking companies as the most reliable car transport company for the haulage of enclosed cars, motorcycles and military vehicles.

Enclosed car transport company

Many well-known transport companies offer closed delivery of cars, which ensures greater safety during their carriage. Someone feels worried about their 1967 Ford Mustang, upgraded for the next show of retro cars, and somebody is important to transport the old Volkswagen Beetle from their parents safely. And for everyone, the most important thing is to deliver the vehicle to the destination without incidents.

CDLScan as a reliable car transport company is also known for its accurate internet shipping rates. The company also provided a flexible payment system for services in the form of full payment via the internet or the payment of most shipping costs in cash upon delivery. The service to select a fixed delivery date is also offered.
Together with CDLScan, a fairly young brokerage company AmeriFreight has been operating in the road transport market, holding a leading position in closed car transport. The company also offers good discounts and extra protection against possible damage on the road.

Delivery of exotic cars

If someone owns a unique car of a few hundred thousand dollars, he will of course want to choose a transportation service in which an experienced exotic car transport company with a high reputation ensures the maximum safety of such a vehicle. CDLScan are always responsible for transporting exotic cars. They have the necessary insurance coverage, transportation licenses, and work with professional carriers who are ready to deliver such cars carefully to their destination. Usually, enclosed trailers and semi trailers are used to deliver unique exotic cars, where they are carried with sealed doors. With full insurance guarantees with big payments in case of possible damage, owners can just wait quietly until their valuable cars arrive at a new location.
Let us name the main benefits of such transportation:

  1. The car is beyond the impact of road debris and natural phenomena; 

  2. Full insurance of risks for damage and accidents from the moment the machine is loaded until when it is unloaded; 

  3. Car checking before and after delivery; 

  4. The use of technological equipment to increase the safety of the car on the road; 

  5. The presence of a hydraulic elevator at the truck trailer, for horizontal loading and unloading of machines.

Choosing a reliable car transport company

Exotic car transportThe customer of shipping services has a very large choice to steer the car. The rating of a trucking company depends on several important points. In the first place, it is the reputation of the company, which is indicated by numerous positive reviews from customers, experience in different types of transport, including international containers and even air transport, as well as the availability of insurance guarantees with full coverage of possible risks. The speed and punctuality of the business in terms of delivery, gives even more confidence in the right choice. Therefore, it is extremely important that potential customers of transportation services spend more time studying the available proposals.

Factors for choosing the most reliable car transport trucking company

Here are the six key factors to consider when choosing a shipping company:

  1. The cost of car delivery services is usually a determining factor for many. It differs based on various reasons, such as the characteristics of the vehicle, the choice of the carrier, the season of transport, a shipping method and delivery routes; 

  2. A company with a high reputation among its customers is always more attractive to vehicle owners, especially expensive cars. The most reliable transportation company has a performance rating from 4 stars with an A rating from the Better Business Bureau;

  3. Many customers like providing a guarantee on the timing of car picking and receiving. Transport companies regularly have a time frame to send and receive cars within a few days, without taking into account the transport time itself. If the conditions of and receipt are guaranteed, the car transport company immediately informs the customer about the exact date of loading and unloading of his car; 

  4. When transporting cars throughout the country, it is advisable to use the service of a carrier with insurance coverage for delivery in case of accidents;

  5. The level of customer service increases car transport company ratings with well-known and reliable rating companies, and makes the transport more efficient; 

  6. The door-to-door delivery option is popular with potential customers as it is a very easy and convenient way to deliver a car.

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