How to find the right vehicle shipping company

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How you can find the right vehicle shipping company

There are hundreds of auto shipping companies available in the United States today. Each service claims to be the best in the shipping industry. Yet, if you sort through clients' reviews, you’ll quickly realize that they’re not all created equal. Your automobile is your most valuable asset after your home. You don’t want to leave it to a vehicle shipping service that claims to be excellent at what they do but provides not the very best service. That’s why choosing the most reliable auto shipping service for your specific needs matters. Let’s start with an important question in the vehicle shipping industry. What makes a great auto shipping service?

Check what their customers say about them on Google

There are many independent review sites on the internet. If the service you are considering has been in business for any amount of time, there will be honest reviews about their shipping vehicle's service somewhere. Google, Yahoo, Better Business Bureau, or Bing are all good sites to check out real reviews, but you should dig deep in order to get the whole story.  Sort their reviews by the lowest star rating and look at the negative reviews. In order to select the right car shipping service, you will want to see how each company responds to negative reviews. Some car shipping companies boast about how many vehicles they can transport. But if you don’t appreciate how they do business or treat their clients, quantity won’t matter to you. After all, your number one concern remains your car and its safe transport.       

Average shipping quotes

Another important factor to take a look at is pricing. After all, every consumer likes to feel they’ve gotten a great deal. This fact proves no less true when it comes to an expensive service like shipping autos. You must remember that quote alone should never be the basis for your decision. What’s more, most major shipping of vehicle services offer competitive prices. In other words, if one company’s deal falls well below that of the competition, consider it a red flag.

Does the shipping vehicle company provide the cheapest car shipping rates?

Shipping a vehicle is expensive. It doesn't mean that you should just select the most expensive car shipping service but don’t just select the least expensive auto transporting service. Select the right car shipping service based on your research and your level of comfort with the person you speak with at the company. The brokers that are the cheapest are cutting corners somewhere. It generally means that they will be shipping your car to prospective carriers at a very low price. Which will increase the likelihood that your car will take much longer than expected to arrive. It could also mean that they are moving autos with haulers that have inadequate cargo insurance. High deductibles and low cargo coverage could mean that you’re stuck holding a bill for thousands if your car is damaged.

Years of professional experience

It's not uncommon for auto carriers and brokers to open a business and then disappear within a few months. The best vehicle shipping services will go with the test of time. Car transporting services that have not been in business for a long time should be avoided at all prices. It's not uncommon for bad operators to start a new business under a different name.

Consider shipping options

picking the right auto transportThere are various auto transportation options available. Open haulers and enclosed haulers are the two most common auto shipping options. Keep an eye out for services that provide premium car transportation and guaranteed pick-up service. Even if you’re looking for the cheapest vehicle shipping service. An open car carrier is the most economical way to ship your car across the country. But for expensive vintage cars or megabuck supercars, an open hauler might not be the best option. In this case, you probably don’t want to take the risk of exposing your precious car to the elements. The chances of incurring even minor damage to the paint, glass, and exterior trim will increase exponentially the farther and longer it sits on the open hauler.

What is your cost estimate?

This is an important question to ask yourself because you must know your budget before you hire the best vehicle shipping service. You don't need to go into debt when you get an auto-shipping quote. So always know what you can afford.

Care and concern 

Your car is one of the most expensive purchases you will make, besides your home. The best vehicle shipping agents will care for your car like it’s their own and arrive on time with minimal delay. You can often tell by the reviews how a given auto shipping service will treat your automobile.

Door-to-door vs terminal-to-terminal transport

When compared to terminal-to-terminal service, door-to-door vehicle shipping service is a more convenient method. You won't have to worry about driving your car to a terminal and then returning to pick it up at the end of its journey. You can arrange for your vehicle to be picked up as close to your house as it is safe and legal using door-to-door transportation.

What are the best vehicle shipping services’ policies and procedures?

You must learn about their procedures for things like shipping your vehicle and making payments. Because this will have a significant impact on who you hire, take the time to inquire about their procedures. So you know how you'll get your automobile when it arrives at its new location, you'll also want to learn about its delivery procedures. Determine whether you must pick it up or if it will be delivered to you.

Additional insurance coverage

All reliable vehicle shipping services USA offer insurance policies on the cars that they move. That said, many of these policies prove bare bones and may not sufficiently cover the actual value of your vehicle. For these reasons, it is highly recommended to find a company that offers supplemental insurance. That way, you can rest assured your car remains fully protected throughout the auto-shipping process. Some clients also inquire with their car insurer about additional coverage. That way, they can compare shops when it comes to this gap insurance, too.

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