Classic auto shipping - find the transporter car you need

Classic Autos Shipping - Find the Transporter Car You Need

Shipping a classic car can be a stressful deal, if you don’t know what are the best ways for shipping that will ensure safety of the car in the transporter. The information below will help you be aware of the main issues of classic auto transport and make it as smooth as possible.

What method of shipping to use to be sure that the car in transporter is well-secured?  

Shippers have two methods for vehicle transportation - open and enclosed shipping. If you need to ship a family sedan open-air transportation will do, but if you want to ship a classic vehicle, only enclosed shipping will suit you.

Enclosed carriers totally protect your precious car during the move. The transporter cars of this type have sides and roof to cover the cargo from road debris, extreme weather conditions, and any other elements of the environment that may damage the vehicle.

Only when you move your vehicle on an enclosed carrier can you be sure that you will get right in the same condition as you left it.

What is more, enclosed trailers are equipped with special hydraulic gates for safe loading and unloading. Some carriers even have a climate-control system.

What to look for in the classic car shipping company?

In order to find the transporters car which is reliable and won’t let you down, you should know what to pay attention to, when choosing the service. Check the list below:

  • car transportExperience in the transportation of classic and antique vehicles. The longer the transporter has been on the market of classic car transportation, the better.

  • Company’s registration and other related permissions for vehicle transportation.

  • Insurance. Classic cars demand special protection and a more comprehensive insurance plan. 

  • The safety of the car in the transporter. Clear up in advance how the vehicle is secured inside the trailer, and whether the carrier is equipped with all the necessary facilities for safe transportation.

  • Online tracking. It’s great if the company can provide you with the online tracking system or at least if they can give you the driver’s contact number. Only then you will be able to know that the car in transporter is safe and how the shipping is going on.

  • Reasonable pricing for the transporter car. You shouldn’t necessarily look for the cheapest option, but it should be a good ratio of quality and price.

  • Expedited delivery option if needed. Ask the company what their conditions are for express shipping and whether they have door-to-door delivery.

Cost for the transporter cars

In general, shipping companies may offer different transport quotes, since they all have different pricing policies. Nevertheless, all transporters take into consideration the same factors when they figure out the transporters car cost.  

These factors include the distance between the initial and final destinations, type of shipping (enclosed transport is more advisable for classic cars), make and model of the vehicle, as well as its condition and dimensions, time of year, and some other minor factors.

Bear in mind that you can always make use of online calculators available on the company’s website. But don’t forget that the quote you get is only an estimated calculation of your expenses and not the final price you will pay for the transportation of the vehicle. 

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