Advantages of cars trucking

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Advantages of trucking cars

When you need to deliver your car from one spot to another, and, in many cases, we are talking about the distance between different states, you can use a variety of options. Nowadays there is a possibility to transport your vehicle by truck, by train, by plane and even by ship. Here we will consider all the benefits as well as possible disadvantages of choosing a trucking car transport.

Main features

Considering trucking cars service, first of all we should underline that there are two main types of the truck itself you will be requested to choose.

An open transport is very popular in case of auto trucking. It’s considered as one of the cheapest options for transportation as well as one of the fastest one. Open transport is very common and usually covers great distances so it will be more likely that it will fit your destination in a short period of time. The main disadvantage in this case is that your car will face all the environmental effects like rain, snow, sun, birds, insects, road dust and dirt and others. Of course, it doesn’t mean that in all cases you will get a very dirty car upon delivery, but you need to be ready for that, especially if we are talking about the distance across the whole country.

The second and more attractive option is an enclosed transportation. Also here are two types:

  • The simpler one is that your car will be covered by tent which definitely will be much protective in comparison with an open trucking a car;
  • In case of the most expensive and valuable cars the owners prefer to choose the full version when the vehicle will be placed into the trailer. Here we are talking about the overall protection, including vandalism. This last case is especially important if you are applying for the long-distance delivery when the driver will need to make a stop for a night.

Obviously, the enclosed truck has less capacity and can place only 6-7 cars maximum. Also, here you need to carefully consider the size of your vehicle. For example, if you need to deliver an oversized minivan, most probably it will be possible with open transportation.

The car is not the only transport you can arrange for the delivery. Many trucking-car companies also deal with motorbikes, boats, different equipment and others. You just need to check if they can load it on the truck which may cause additional payment.

One more huge advantage of using a truck for the cars’ transportation is much higher flexibility in comparison with planes and trains. Usually, the truck can deliver your car even in the most remote locations (but it will cost you more and will take more time). In case you don’t want to wait for so long, there is an opportunity to choose terminal-to-terminal transportation. In this case you can pick up your vehicle from the carrier’s office, terminal or port as soon as it’s there and immediately drive it to your home wherever it is.

Platooning trucks

In regards to the delivery period, it’s fully depending on the season and the route. Usually, it will take about a couple of weeks which is very common with other variants of the transportation. Meanwhile, here you also have an option of the express delivery which can be executed even during 24 hours. This is a unique opportunity for those who cannot afford to stay without a car for so long, especially if they live in a suburban area and have to drive at work on a daily basis.

Which is very important, many companies can guarantee a delivery during a specific period, for example within 16 days. In case they failed to handle it, you will get a so-called rental reimbursement of some amount of money.

From your side to arrange a trucking delivery there are no specific requirements. You just need to make sure there are no personal belongings inside (unless it’s discussed and agreed with the carrier) and the fuel quantity is not more than a quarter (this is done, first of all, in regards to the safety reasons). Finally, it’s always recommended to carefully check and even make pictures of the car’s surface and windows before and after the delivery to avoid any potential issues with the insurance company in case of any scratches and dents.

Choosing a reliable and trustworthy transportation company will help you to avoid any misconduct and unnecessary delay. That is why you also need to carefully go through the reviews about its service and reputation.

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