Transport my car across country

How can I transport my car across country

When a person is about to change his or her permanent location, one of the most urgent questions is “How can I transport my car across country?” Undoubtedly, this isn’t an easy task and it requires patience, time, and effort. However, if you get prepared in advance, you will be able to transport your car cross country without any troubles. We have prepared a small guide to simplify the process and make it less painful for you.

Make up your mind about the destination

The final destination as well as the customer's current location play a significant role in the whole process of car transports cross country. 

Firstly, when the pick up and drop off locations are situated in remote or rural areas, the selection of companies that will be able to transport your car across country isn’t large. As a result, the price is higher and the choice is limited in comparison with urban regions.     

Secondly, when you need to ship your car for a long distance, cross country car transport rates go uphill, although some companies offer discounts per mile when the final destination is located far away. 

Decide on the pick up and drop off dates

Another important question is “How much in advance should I start planning transporting my car across country?” 

As a rule, when you address a shipping company, they provide you with a shipping window from 5 to 20 days. However, you’d better plan on transporting your car across country as much in advance as possible. When there is little time left, the number of options to choose from is rather limited. What is more, if you are in need of expedited shipping, get ready to pay extra money.  

Select the type of shipping

Should I transport my car cross country by open-air or enclosed shipping? The answer depends on your preferences and budget.

Open-air shipping is more popular thanks to low prices and convenience. Your vehicle is loaded on an open carrier, carefully secured for transportation, and delivered to the destination, where it will be unloaded. The only minus is that in case of bad weather conditions, your vehicle can be damaged by hail or snowstorm, as it is exposed to nature.

Enclosed shipping will cost you more, but on the other hand it will protect your vehicle from any unintended damage. You can choose enclosed shipping to transport your car cross country for your peace of mind, if you need to move a classic car or a super luxury vehicle. 

From the point of view of cross country car transport rates, open-air shipping costs 40-60% less than enclosed transport.

Choose the cross country car transporter

Cost to ship car across countryOne of the most difficult tasks, when you need to move your vehicle, is finding the best cross country car transporter. There are certain points you should pay attention to when selecting the shipper.

  • Company’s reputation and experience. Try to choose a large company with positive reviews and credentials. The best resources to look for people’s opinions are Google Reviews, Better Business Bureau, and any other official websites with verified testimonials.

  • License and registration. Do not ever start working with a cross country car transporter, until you check its registration and license. See for the MC number to make sure the company is legitimate and has all the necessary permits for car transports cross country.

  • Insurance. Should I purchase additional insurance, if I want to transport my car across country? It depends on your preferences. In general, all carriers in the US are obliged to have standard insurance. However, this insurance isn’t always adequate. You’d better clear up in advance what exactly this kind of insurance covers.

  • Online tracking option. If you want to transport your car across country and be aware of the process around the clock, select a company which provides updated information on your vehicle’s location. 

  • Reasonable price. Should I choose the cheapest service for transporting my car across country? No, you shouldn’t. What is cheap isn’t always good. Try to find a budget-friendly option without sacrificing the quality.  

Request a quote

If you plan to transport your car cross country, we advise you to request quotes from several shipping companies to have a better idea of the current market situation. Don’t forget to ask the shipper what exactly the transport quote includes. The thing is that some companies tempt customers by low shipping quotes, but in the end you get twice more expensive cross country car transport rates, as the quote was incomplete. Therefore, make sure that you receive an all-inclusive quote without any hidden fees.

Make a reservation for transporting your car across country

As soon as you have finished with the quotes, choose the one which suits your needs and requirements. Get in touch with the company you plan to transport your car across country. Clarify all the questions that disturb you, not to get into a mess. Make out what you need to do before the pick up, in order to prepare your vehicle for shipping. If everything corresponds to your preferences, book a shipping.  

Get your vehicle delivered

When everything is ready, get your car picked up. In case of terminal-to-terminal delivery you will have to drive the vehicle to the nearest terminal. Now you can relax and track your delivery online if necessary. If you are delivering your vehicle door-to-door, you should be present upon the drop off in order to check the condition of the car in the driver's presence. Only if everything is okay and you are satisfied with the service, sign the acceptance documents. 

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