Cheapest way to transport a car across country

How to find cheap car transport cross country

Shipping industry is constantly developing with new transport companies occupying their place on the market. Some of them try to attract new customers by discounts and promotions, others by a wide choice of additional services. However, when we want to ship our car, we are likely to search for the cheapest way to transport a car across country. We have done a bit of research in order to learn whether it is possible to get a car across country transport cheap, and we hope this information will be helpful to you.

What are the ways to move a car cross country?

The choice of shipping methods is rather limited, however it's worth mentioning. One of the methods is to ship your car by train, but this is not the cheapest way to transport a car cross country and it is rather time-consuming. The best way to transport a car painlessly and without getting nervous is with the help of specializing shipping companies. This is not only the cheapest way transport car cross country, but also the most convenient and safe. Just find a suitable transport company, request a quote, and reserve your car transportation.     

What are current vehicle shipping rates? 

In order to learn what is the cheapest way to transport car across country, you need to have a more or less vivid idea about the current shipping rates and market tendencies.

The average cost for shipping a car may vary from $450 to $1,700 taking into account the distance between the initial and final points, your vehicle details, and type of shipping you prefer. Transportation of sedans cost about $150-$300 less than that of SUVs and vans.

The main principle to calculate the minimum cost for car transport is multiply the distance between point A and point B by the approximated cost of shipping per mile. The latter may vary from $0.50 to $1.00. You should also bear in mind that the farther you travel, the less you will pay per mile, although the overall cost of car transport will be higher then.

How to get cheapest car transport across country?

In order to find the cheapest car transport across country, you should understand what factors play a crucial role in the formation of the shipping cost. The information below will be handy for you.

Shipping a car on an open-air trailer with a delivery option of terminal-to-terminal is the cheapest way to transport a car across country 

Cross Country Car ShippingShipping companies will provide you with several options. Firstly, you will need to choose either open-air shipping or enclosed. The first variant will cost you less than the second one. On the one hand, open-air trailers can accommodate more vehicles than enclosed ones and this service is more widespread, so it’s less expensive. But on the other hand, open trailers don't totally protect your car during the transportation, as the cargo is not sheltered from road elements and unpredictable weather conditions.

One more method to save money is to select terminal-to-terminal delivery instead of door-to-door shipping. Undoubtedly, this option is less convenient, as you have to spend time on driving your car to the nearest terminal and later accept it at the destination terminal. Nevertheless, this is the cheapest car transport across country, and it will be handy if you want to stay within the planned budget limits.

Eventually, you might logically come up with the question “Is open-air shipping with terminal-to-terminal delivery the cheapest way to transport my car cross country?”. Yes, it is! But make shure your car isn't stored in the terminal for a long period, otherwise you may pay extra fees.

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Offseason shipping is the cheapest way to transport car across country 

If you are looking for cheap car transport cross country, schedule your vehicle shipping as much earlier as possible and don't move your car in the peak season. Shipping costs go uphill in June - October, so if you are in search for the cheapest way to transport a car cross country, you'd better ship it in November - April.   

Shipping with discounts is the cheapest way transport car cross country 

Large and small shipping companies have discount programs for various categories of citizens. So before requesting a quote, check whether you are eligible for getting a profitable price. Let’s see what kind of discounts you can obtain to make your car across country transport cheap.

Discounts for military staff. Many US shipping companies offer cheap car transport cross country for active and retired military members.

Discounts for students. If you are a student and need to ship your car in the summer or early fall for college, some companies can arrange the cheapest way to transport a car across country.

Discounts for seniors. As seniors have low incomes and they are socially vulnerable, some companies include them in the category of people who are eligible for obtaining a discount.

Discounts for the first order. With the view to attracting more customers, companies offer the cheapest way to transport car across country by providing a discount for the first order you place at their company.

Loyalty discounts. Customers, who return to one and the same company for shipping services, have a chance to get a loyalty discount.

Discounts for multiple car shipping. If you need to transport two, three or more cars, you can ask for a lower shipping quote.

As you can see, it is possible to find the cheapest way to transport a car cross country, but you should always bear in mind that there is nothing better than a good balance between price and quality.

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