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How to buy a car transporter on sale

In some cases, it can be much more effective and, what is even more important, cheaper to find and buy a cars’ transport for sale than to apply to the transportation services of the professional carriers, especially if you are planning to do it on quite a regular basis. Luckily, there are no any specific restrictions and requirements in regards to purchasing such vehicles, especially if you are allowed to drive them. But even if now (or in case you don’t have too much practice in such driving), it still will be cheaper and easier to find only a driver than a full range of the services you may need for such transportation.

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What is a cars’ transporter on sale?

There are a few words that can mean a traditional car transporter. It can be called a car hauler or even a car carrier trailer. But regardless of the particular name, it’s always a special truck which is used to transport one or a few cars from one location to another. And sometimes we can speak even about the across-the-country trips.

There is no one universal type of the car transport for sale. With various adjustments and constructions, it’s much easier and more effective to find the one that fits you and your requirements the most.

Nevertheless, there are some basic features that you may find almost in any variation. Thus, it’s a tarp (any kind of it) which is used to protect vehicles that are being delivered from weather conditions, small rocks from under the wheels, insects and other influences which can cause any damage to the cars, especially to their surface. It’s always up to you to use this additional option or not, but if you are going to deliver a new car, it’s always to have such a protection, even if the trip itself is pretty short.


When you look at particular car transporter sales, you may find the following, most common variations.

  1. Open box. If the car transporter for sale has an open box you will be able to fill it with a greater number of vehicles of different sizes, even oversized. The process of loading also will be easier and much faster. But there is one important disadvantage you carefully need to consider before choosing this method of transportation – your car or cars will be fully exposed to any weather and environmental conditions on the way. If you are not planning to transport the cars for too long distances, this option can be quite applicable. But in case of more often interstate delivery, it’s better to have a look at the closed box.
  2. Enclosed box. It’s a perfect option if you are planning to deliver one or two vehicles together, as it can be quite challenging to place more inside the trailer. If your cars are new or of a high value (especially the ones that cost more than 100,000 dollars), it’s highly recommended to choose the enclosed method of the delivery. They will be fully protected from all the sides and you as a driver will have a much less stressful trip.
  3. Two-stories (or double-decker) platform. This is a very practical and efficient type of the car transporters for sale and has some very unique methods of loading the cars on it. You will need to purchase one additional equipment – a hydraulic system. The process of the loading is pretty simple:

    • Firstly, using the hydraulic system you are lowering the top deck to make it possible to load the cars on it. All the cars have to be fixed inside the truck, but this is especially important for the top part of the construction. Here you should use various wheel straps and tie-down ratchets;
    • Than, the hydraulic system will allow you to put the top level back;
    • Finally, now you can load the ground part of the platform. In case you don’t have too many cars to load, you can always use only the lower level for the easiest process.
  4. Built-in ramp. This is the easiest way to load and unload the cars, especially if you don’t have any special equipment as well as some specific skills and experience. To use the ramp, you just need to make sure the car is operable, otherwise it can cause some problems (especially in case of damages with brakes, rolls and steering wheels).

How to make a deal

kenworth car hauler

There is a great range of the automobile brands that can offer you very good-quality car transporters. Some of the examples are Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, Volvo, Renault, MAN, DAF, Scania and many others from the producers across the whole world.

When making a choice, you should not look only at the brand name and the price. The transporter should fit your particular needs. And if you are not sure what is the better transporter in your case, you can always discuss it with the professionals.

The main technical characteristics you should consider are the mileage (so you will have an idea about the overall condition of the car transporter), Its length and width as well as a cargo space length and width. The first one will tell you about the size of the truck itself while the cargo’s information will help you to understand if it’s fine for your vehicles or not. Transmission, fuel type, number of seats and maximum power are also important, especially if you are looking for a particular type of the truck.

You should also pay attention to the pictures as this is the only possible way to have a visual picture of the truck (unless you are able to go directly to the seller to have a look).

To make it more convenient for the potential buyers, nowadays there are some special online platforms gathering the offers from various sellers. There you can not only find the offer you might be interested in but also to compare some similar ones to make a better choice. Additionally, some platforms also have an analytical tool included which will provide you with the information about the average price on the market and if this particular offer looks attractive from this point or if the price is overestimated. One of the examples of such a great online tool is a Tradus website in Europe and TrucksCorner in the United States. Before making a deal it’s always essential to check the location of the seller, otherwise the delivery cost can be too high.

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