How transport a car from one state to another low cost

How to Transport a Car from One State to Another low cost

When you are about to relocate, one of the things you should do is likely to be making up your mind about how transport a car from one state to another or to any new destination. Perhaps, the first idea that comes to a person’s mind when he or she is asked a question “How to transport car from one state to another?” is just driving it on your own. However, this is not the best option, especially when you have to move your vehicle far.

Fortunately, if you still don’t know how to transport a car from state to state, we can help you, as there are several options to choose from, depending on your budget and preferences. We have prepared a small guide for you with the main advantages and disadvantages of various methods to transport a car.

How to transport car from state to state yourself?

Everything is simpler than it seems - just get into your car and drive it to the new destination! This will probably take a lot of time, but when all the other ways of car transportation don’t fit you, this may come as a good solution. If you think that this is the cheapest option, you may be mistaken. When estimating your expenses, don’t forget to include the food and the money you will pay for staying at a hotel if you need to have a few-days trip. 

One of the main advantages is that you will be able to transport your belongings together with the car, while other options do not allow leaving things inside the car during the shipping.  

How to transport cars from state to state with a tow dolly?

When you need to ship more than one car, it’s more reasonable to rent special equipment for car transportation. One of the options is to hitch the vehicle to your moving truck with a tow dolly and transport it safely to the new destination. However, if you don’t know all the peculiarities about how to transport a car from one state to another with a tow dolly and have no experience in this field, this may not be the best option for you. Put the question of safety on top of your list!

What is more, not all vehicles can be transported this way. If you are going to transport a low front end car, there may be some troubles with putting it up on the ramp.   

How to transport a car from another state with a professional driver?

If you don’t want to get exhausted by a long drive, you can hire a professional driver to transport your vehicle to the new destination. This option, as well as driving the car yourself, will add mileage to your car and affect the wear and tear of the vehicle. The only issue here is that not everyone is ready to entrust a person with his or her favorite car. You need to be 100% sure that the person has enough driving experience to transport your vehicle. 

How to get a car transported to another state by a shipping company?

Car deliveryMost people who want to know how to transport a car from state to state come across car shipping companies. In general, this is the most convenient and less time-consuming method of vehicle transportation.

The cost of shipping will largely depend on the type of shipping you choose. There are two options - open-air carriers and enclosed carriers. About 90% of all cars are transported on open trailers as this is the most cost-efficient and convenient way to ship vehicles.

If you need to transport a luxury car or an antique one, it’s advisable to select car shipping on an enclosed carrier, as it ensures 100% protection during the loading/unloading and delivery.

When you Google ‘How to transport cars from state to state’, you may find other factors that can influence the cost of shipping:

  • Distance. The farther, the more expensive.

  • Location. Transportation to and from rural areas costs more than to and from metropolitan regions.

  • Size and weight of the vehicle. Larger and heavier cars are more expensive to transport.

  • Make and model of the vehicle. Some rare models of cars are more expensive to move.

  • Seasonality. Shipping a vehicle in peak season, i.e. in summer, costs more than in winter.

How to have your vehicle prepared for the transportation

When you have already decided how to get a car transported to another state, the time has come to have your vehicle prepared for the shipping.

If you are shipping with a professional transport company, you can turn to them for a good piece of advice. They usually provide a list of things to do before transportation. Some companies may have specific requirements, but as a rule, they all include the following:

  • Record any existing damage on the vehicle.

  • Leave your fuel less than ¼ full.

  • Check the air in the tires.

  • Empty your car if you are transporting it with a shipping company. No personal belongings should be left inside.

Don’t forget to check the condition of the vehicle upon the delivery. Take photos if necessary.

In conclusion, we would like to say that the answer to the question ‘How transport a car from one state to another?’ depends mostly on your preferences and abilities. Weigh up all the pros and cons of each method and choose the one which fits you best.

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