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Transporting Cars from State to State Easily

Car transport from state to state is a process that seems very simple on the surface but has a lot of pitfalls in reality. However, this complicated affair can be less painful, if you are aware of the peculiarities and specifics of the process. No matter why you need to transport a car state to state - whether you are moving for permanent residence, have bought a new car or sold your old one and need to transport it to the new destination, or you want to transport your antique vehicle to a show - hiring a transporter for cars state to state is the best solution for you. Find useful information on the issue below.

How much do people spend on transporting cars from state to state?

Prices for transporting a car from state to state may vary from company to company. As for the average numbers, car transport from state to state for distances up to 500 miles is about $1 per mile. If you need to move your vehicle for more than 1000 miles, you will pay $0.50-$0.70 per mile.

In general, there are several variables that can affect how much you pay to transport cars from state to state. 

For example, the farther you ship your vehicle, the less you pay per mile, and the higher the total cost is. 

The size and weight of your vehicle also influence the cost of shipping. Larger and heavier SUVs, pickups, and minivans are more expensive to ship in comparison with small sedans. Vehicles of exclusive make and model cost more to transport because they require special attention and care during loading/unloading and transportation.  

Another variable is the type of carrier you select. If you decide to transport a car from state to state on an open carrier, you will save about 40-60% of your budget. Shipping on an enclosed trailer costs more because it provides additional protection to the cargo, which is covered from all sides from road debris and poor weather conditions. 

Expedited shipping will also add to the final cost. If you need to transport a car from state to state as soon as possible, get ready to pay extra money for the speed of transportation. 

Even the time of year when you transport cars from state to state affects the cost. Summer is the peak season for car transportation, therefore prices are higher in June-August. Winter is less popular because of bad weather conditions, and as a result, prices decrease in this season. In fact, the more in advance you plan and schedule your car transport from state to state, the more money you will save.  

Does it take long to transport cars from state to state?

In general, the shipping period may vary depending on the distance. Logically, the farther you need to transport the car from state to state, the longer it will take. 

When you request quotes from transport companies, they will offer you a shipping window of 5-20 days to fit in. In case of expedited shipping, they will pick up your vehicle within 24-72 hours. According to carriers, they are able to transport vehicles within 1-7 days. As a rule, a carrier is able to drive about 500 miles a day.

One thing you should bear in mind about transporting cars from state to state is that shipping a vehicle to and from rural areas takes more time than from and to metropolitan regions. This is because of the fact that there are more shipping companies in large cities and the roads are better there.

Other factors affecting the speed of transporting cars from state to state are the season and weather conditions. If you have decided to ship your vehicle in winter it is likely to take longer, as roads may be blocked with snow. The same is when you are transporting a car from state to state and suddenly the weather changes for the worse. Hail and storms can make the driver slow down and even stop for some period if it is impossible to drive. However, you should understand that this is made for security and safety reasons.

What type of shipping to choose for car transport from state to state? 

transport car to another stateAlmost any transporter for cars from state to state will offer you two options of vehicle shipping to choose from - open-air carrier or enclosed transport.

In general, more than 90% of all car transportation in the USA takes place on open-air carriers as it’s more cost-efficient. Open-air carriers are safe enough to transport 7-9 vehicles at a time. The vehicles are carefully secured with straps and chains. If you transport a car from state to state on an open carrier you are likely to save money, but you will have to wash your car upon delivery.   

As a rule, companies offer to transport cars from state to state on enclosed trailers when the vehicle needs additional protection. The car is totally covered from the outer elements in an enclosed carrier. No unintended damage can be caused to it during transportation, as it isn’t disclosed to road debris or unpredictable weather conditions. However, you should be ready to pay 40-50% more for this extra protection. Most people who own luxury and rare cars choose this option. It’s the most suitable way to transport antique and classic vehicles.   

NB! Regardless of the type of shipping you choose to transport a car from state to state, never move your personal belongings and household items inside the vehicle. Firstly, this can cause damage to your vehicle when on the move, and secondly, these things won’t be covered by insurance in case of any harm. 

A few words about insurance?    

When you are about to transport a car from state to state, don’t forget to check the insurance coverage and the registration.

All carriers in the USA have standard insurance. However, this kind of insurance can be insufficient for you, so it’s advisable to take extra insurance for additional costs. Some large companies that transport cars from state to state offer additional insurance included in the total cost of shipping.

Registration of the shipper is another point that should be checked. See whether the company has been registered with the Department of Transport and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 

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As you can see choosing a company to entrust your vehicle is a very serious task. So set aside enough time in order not to regret it in the future.

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