Benefits of the car shipping quotes instant

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Benefits of the instant car shipping quotes

If you open a website of pretty much any transportation company in the United States, most probably at the most visible part of the screen you will see an online calculator. This is a very interesting object to consider when making a decision of which company to choose to deliver your car from one point to another.

Basically, not all the calculators are the same. Today many companies, including those in the transportation industry, still emphasize the advantages of the direct contact with potential clients and customers as it’s much easier to convince them to use the service of this particular company. In this case, their calculators cannot provide the interested people in the car shipping instant quotes and only gather the most important information as well as the contact details of the car’s owner to call him directly or to send an email.

But if you prefer to be an anonymous client unless you make a final decision in regards to a particular company, you will have much more comfort when using an instant shipping quote for car.

Necessary information

To use the car shipping quotes instant you will need to provide the transportation company with some information. Considering that in the overwhelming majority of cases the analytical system will count the preliminary quote automatically, you will need to make sure all the information is correct.

Here are the most common questions you will be asked to get your instant car shipping quote:

  1. What are the locations? You will need to give the zip codes or the cities’ names both of the original and of the final destinations. In case you are providing only the zip codes you should expect that the final price can be changed depending on the real location of the puck-up and drop-off spots, but in most cases the difference will not be too significant for your budget. And even if so, you can always change a door-to-door service to a terminal-to-terminal, especially if we are talking about big and famous transportation companies which have their offices and terminals in almost every state. Moreover, as there is a really strong competition in the transportation industry, you can also try to discuss the possibilities of picking up and dropping off your car somewhere on the way of the carrier’s truck – most probably, the transporter will do its best to find a solution;
  2. How do you want your car to be transported? The basic instant quotes for car shipping normally include the open delivery. This option is much cheaper, and that is why the overwhelming majority of the car’s owners prefer this method. In regards to the more expensive and valuable cars it’s always better to pay more but to arrange their delivery within the enclosed delivery method when the car is fully protected from any influence and effects from the outside. Moreover, this method is also common if we are talking about a very long-distance trip when the vehicle can be affected by various weather changes;
  3. What is the influence of the car’s parameters on the price? Every vehicle has its own weight, length and width, and these characteristics are very important considering the limited capacity of the carrier’s truck. Thus, too heavy or oversized vehicles can lead to the situation when the carrier will not be able to fill the truck with some additional vehicles – in this case you will need to pay the lost profits. Otherwise, you will need to spend some more time while looking for the bigger trucks provided by the carrier. Normally you do not need to provide the transportation company with the particular numbers. When getting a car shipping instant quote, you will need to give the information only about the vehicle’s make, model and year. In some cases, additionally you will need to choose the type of the vehicle you have – if it is a sedan or a SUV or even a boat. All the details are important, so in case your car was somehow changed and differs from the factory-made variant, you will also need to provide the transporter with these details as it can essentially affect the capacity of the truck;
  4. Is your car operable? You will definitely be asked this question when checking the car shipping quote instant. And this aspect can not only affect the final price but also can make the whole delivery process more complex. Even today not every transporter will agree to deliver a car with broken brakes and other serious damages as it will require too much effort and additional expensive equipment;
  5. When do I want the vehicle to be delivered? Traditionally, you can expect your car within 1-2 weeks depending on the distance, the route, the season and some other factors. But if you want your car to be picked up the same or the next day and to be transported within a couple of days, you should expect to pay extra for such an expedited service. Moreover, you will need to check the availability of the carrier for your particular destinations as only huge transportation companies have a full coverage of the whole United States.

How to choose a company

car shipping companies

As soon as you get your instant quote of car shipping, it’s time to check other options. Some carriers may have slightly higher prices but their service and reputation overall are perfect. Moreover, in some cases you can deal with some additional insurance or extra services on the way (complimentary wash service, 24/7 customer support by the real person and not the bot) and unexpected discounts.

On the other hand, the cheapest offer is not always a recommended option, especially if the quote is suspiciously too much different from the competitors. Of course, in some cases it can be caused by some essential discounts or extra offers in a low season in the transportation industry (which is usually winter), but it can also be linked with some hidden expenses which are not included into the original rate but blurry mentioned in the contract. In this case you will need to carefully check every paragraph of the deal and to confirm with the transportation company all the unclear moments. Otherwise, the final price you will be required to pay can appear even higher than of the competitors.

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