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What to Pay Attention to When Car Transporting Interstate

Choosing an interstate car transporter isn’t an easy task today, as there are numerous companies in the shipping industry ready to offer you a wide selection of services at flexible prices. If you have never shipped a car across the country before, you won’t even know what to pay attention to. We have prepared a list of the most important points you should take into account, in order to find reliable interstate car transport.

Price for interstate car transporting    

It’s important not to overpay for interstate car transport services. Prices differ a lot from company to company. Therefore, we advise you to request quotes from several interstate car transporters in order to have a better idea about the current market situation. Bear in mind that the quote you will get from these companies is not yet the final cost of your interstate transport car. This is a starting point that is more likely to be lower than the final price. 

If you don’t want to get deceived, clear up in advance what exactly the offered shipping quote includes. There are some scammers who deliberately give low quotes for transport cars interstate in order to attract more customers. But it turns out that there are a lot of hidden extras you are not aware of. 

And one more thing about interstate car transporting costs - what is cheap isn’t always good. Low prices may have certain limitations regarding the shipping dates or insurance policy. So don’t be in pursuit of the least expensive interstate car transporter.

NB! Never make any payments until you are assigned a carrier.

Reliability of interstate car transporters

It isn’t always easy to find trustworthy interstate car transport services. The first thing to do is to check whether the company you are going to work with is registered with the Department of Transport and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. All shipping companies should have a registration number. If everything is okay with the registration, look through the reviews about this company on Google Reviews and Better Business Bureau. Collect information from people who have already worked with them, and learn more about their experience. 

Documentation for car transporting interstate

Before getting down to booking your vehicle shipping, check your documents to make sure there isn’t anything missing. You should have documents to prove the ownership of the car, the certificate of insurance, and the vehicle registration.

Insurance coverage for interstate car transport

All carriers that transport cars interstate are obliged to have standard insurance. However, this kind of insurance may be insufficient for you, as it is applicable to specific kinds of damage or certain cases. If you want to have additional insurance, you can turn to your shipping company and purchase extra insurance for money. As a rule, this is more applicable to luxury and antique vehicles, which require special attention and protection.

Preparing your interstate transport car 

When you have already been assigned a carrier, ask your interstate car transporter how you should get ready for the transportation. One thing you should bear in mind is that you are not allowed to leave your personal belongings inside the car. Even if the company allows shipping some belongings inside the vehicle, it won’t bear any responsibility for these goods, and they won’t be covered with the insurance. So make sure that your vehicle is empty and ready for interstate car transport.

And one more thing you should not forget to do before the loading - check the condition of your vehicle, and take photos. This will help you in case of any damage is detected upon delivery. As a rule, all interstate car transporters draw up an inspection report when they pick up the vehicle. It’s important that you are present during this procedure, and you can estimate the condition of your vehicle and detect damage if any. 

To sum up, using interstate car transport services is one of the most convenient and less effort-consuming ways to move your vehicle from point A to point B. And if you are aware of all the pitfalls this can be a positive experience for you. Just try not to forget about the tips provided above.

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