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Safe transportation of your car with car transporter straps

When you are applying for the professional auto transportation company, you can not worry about any details of the delivery unless you choose a really trustworthy and reliable carrier. But if you are planning to arrange the delivery process throughout the United States on your own, you need to carefully consider all the nuances you may face.

Beside the transporter itself (which you can purchase or rent depending on the frequency of the usage), you will need some additional equipment and, of course, the details to make sure the car or any other vehicle you are delivering is firmly and effectively fixed. This is what car transporting straps are doing.

What it is

Despite the great number of different car transport straps, there are some main features which can be applied to any of them. And first of all, it’s the purpose of usage. As soon as you need to keep your vehicle from moving while transporting it in the trailer or on the air-framed platform, you need to use short ratchet car transporter straps. In most cases they are made of heavy-duty polyester webbing, but there are some exceptions you can meet on the modern market withing always developing technologies.

Before you are going into more details of the variety of the straps, it’s useful to pay attention to the process of their attachment: it can be a wheel or an axle composition. Knowing the particular method you are going to use (it’s always better to discuss it with the specialist as for some cars one method is more preferable than another), you can check the particular end fittings you will need. Modern car transporter straps suppliers provide all possible types of the end fittings, both for side-anchor and floor-anchor points. And for different models and makes there can be a really essential difference, that is why this question should be considered first of all.

Auto Hauling Strap


To make it easier, all the car transporter ratchet straps can be divided into the following categories:

  • Axle Straps. This type is applicable only for the floor anchoring with special snap hooks used as the end fittings. The process of fixing is pretty easy and you as a car’s owner will be able to perform it without special knowledge and skills – just make sure these straps are not touching the wheels;
  • Car transport wheel straps, according to their name, are used to be tightened around the vehicle’s wheel. If you decide to choose this option, you still will have two variants – one or two anchors per wheel. The second option is obviously more secure. Therefore, to make sure your car is safe, it’s recommended to use an eight-anchor tie-down kit (meaning two anchors per wheel). The most popular sphere of using this particular type of straps is when your car is being transported on the flatbed trailer;
  • Over-the-wheel straps. Here we also deal with a two-point anchor which is placed within the tire of the car and not its axles or wheels. You will also need to make sure that you can use floor points as this method has pretty serious restrictions for other methods. The example of the transporter that can use the over-the-wheel straps is truck beds with e-tracks;
  • Tow dolly straps. You can also meet such names as tow dolly nets or baskets but the meaning is pretty the same. Actually, the word “nets” describe this method the best – your car will be covered with multiple crisscrossing straps for the maximum protection on the way. The usage of this method also has some limitations as the tow dolly straps can be implemented only for tow trailers. This is because this method of the transportation requires very special and more secure straps for the back wheels of the towed car which are not fixed properly.

The price of the straps, whichever kind we are talking about, is not very high. Normally, you can purchase an eight-point tie-down kit for 100-120 dollars. This is more than a fair price for arranging a safe and secure trip of your car, especially for the long distances. For less complex combinations of the straps you can expect to pay about 50 dollars – this is a good option if you already use a very secure method of the delivery and are not planning to use it on a regular basis.

Moreover, these straps can be used not only for the vehicles themselves but also to fix the vehicular cargo. Therefore, such investment will definitely be worth it not for the single time of the usage.

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