Nationwide auto shipping services

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Reasons to select the nationwide shipping company

If you’re planning to move, you might need a nationwide auto shipping company to move your car to your new house. An auto shipping nationwide is the most convenient method to deliver your precious car wherever you need it. And you don’t even have to be driving. If you don’t have any experience in such matters, here are some reasons to select the nationwide auto shipping company.

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Convenience is one of the most common causes you can select to hire an auto shipping service. When you choose the door-to-door service, your precious vehicle will be delivered directly to your house or place of business. With the door-to-door service you don't have to drop off and pick up the vehicle from the terminal location. It’s important to note that some locations can present a challenge for the shipping truck. If this happens, you and a driver of the truck can decide on a meeting area, for example, a large parking lot.

Methods of shipment

There are many reputable and reliable services that specialize exclusively in shipping vehicles. You can find many auto shipping methods such as airplanes, trains and even boats.  But the most popular method of shipment is an open transport carrier, which is the type of the trailer that delivers new vehicles to dealerships. However, this method of shipment leaves your vehicle exposed to the natural elements and bad weather. While the open trailer is ultimately safe and costs much cheaper than the enclosed one. This is why new vehicle dealers trust them with their valuable inventory. Those who have very expensive, classic or rare vehicles may want to have their precious cars be shipped in an enclosed hauler. This type of  hauler is completely closed and provides greater protection from the outdoors. But this option can cost you about 60% more than an open trailer. However, don’t forget to read nationwide auto shipping reviews to make the right decision.


Nationwide auto transportMost people find car shipping to be a safer alternative to driving for a variety of reasons. For example, auto transport can prevent the accumulation of added mileage. Moreover, there are such available options as an enclosed auto hauler that can protect your vehicle from bad weather and natural elements. When you hire nationwide auto shipping services to transport your automobile to your new house, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary stress.. You can rest easy when you know that your vehicle is getting cared for as it should on its journey to its new house.

How to prepare your automobile before shipping?

So, you chose the nationwide auto shipping group, and now you should prepare your vehicle before it’s shipped. The first step would be to remove all the personal belongings from the vehicle. Also use up most of your gasoline so that the vehicle could be shipped with only about a quarter tank. This can reduce total shipping weight. However, it can leave you enough gas to get around safely after delivery. You also need to make sure you have an extra set of keys for the transport driver. Don’t forget to clean your car before it’s shipped for maximum protection from the natural elements and harsh weather conditions. It's also important to take photos of your vehicle as visual proof of its condition.

Factors that may affect a car transport rate

And now you want to know how the nationwide auto car shipping companies calculate the number that you see on your estimated auto transport rate. You should know that many components must be taken into consideration to reach a price point. There are several factors that may affect the transport rate. And one of these factors is distance. Well, the distance between your current location and the final destination is a major consideration factor. The price of shipping will vary if you want to transport your vehicle from city to city, from state to state, or from coast to coast. The next factor is location. This may seem very similar to distance, but that’s not exactly true. It is different in certain respects. It has to do with your geographical location and setting. Moving to a big town vs. a little town could vary in price. The vehicle type is another factor that may impact auto transport rate. You should take into consideration all aspects of the car. This would include the size, the make and the model of the vehicle. Larger cars weigh more and it means that their weight will have an impact on transport rate.

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