Auto shipping calculator: calculate car shipping prices

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Auto shipping calculator: how to calculate auto shipping prices

If you’re planning to move your automobile to a new place or across the country, a long-distance move is a significant life event that requires a very good plan. One of the many complex elements of this moving process is to ship your precious car to the new place. Car shipping companies can help you save time and protect your vehicle. It also is the most convenient way to transport your car. But it can be expensive and most people need to consider the price to transport a vehicle in their moving expenses. So let’s figure out what the auto shipping cost calculator is.

What is an auto shipping rates calculator?

An auto shipping calculator is a free auto shipping calculator that is available on the website of the car shipping company. You have to fill the form online and submit it to get the estimated price of shipping your automobile from one place to another. Though the output of the auto transport shipping calculator can vary with each transportation facility, all of them ask for the same information from their prospective clients. You should note that a car shipping calculator works on the route to be traveled, type of car and dates of pick-up and delivery, etc.

How are costs calculated?

Auto shipping companies use an auto shipping rate calculator to calculate car shipping rates and give results on the basis of shipping details and present data. The auto shipping quotes provided by the calculator are a rough estimate which will be sent to the clients within a few hours or a day at the maximum by using logistic software. You will be contacted by a number of professional car shipping companies in the field of auto shipping to provide you the exact quote for shipping your car as the estimated quotes provided by the current auto shipping rates calculator cannot be used to calculate the final price. The auto shipping company will discuss various details of your vehicle including the distance to be traveled and the weight of your automobile to calculate the exact prices of transporting it. On the other hand, the shipping company that has provided you the roughly estimated quotes will also try to provide you the exact quotes for shipping your vehicle through a phone call or email. At this stage, you are advised to choose the most experienced and reliable car shipping service for this purpose instead of the lowest quotes only.

What impacts car shipping rate?

Carrier loaded to ship carsCar shipping rates can depend on several factors. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones. The first factor is distance. It impacts fuel consumption and transporting time frame. You will pay more for your vehicle to be shipped over longer distances. The open or enclosed car carrier also impacts car shipping rates. The open auto transport is more affordable but you should note that your precious automobile will be exposed to the elements and road conditions. Enclosed carriers offer added protection and security but they will cost you more. Time of the year is another factor that influences the prices. Adverse winter conditions can make driving dangerous, so you need to pay more to transport your vehicle during this time of the year. Size, weight, and condition of the vehicle also impact the car shipping rates. While large cars will take up more space on the truck, those that weigh more will affect the fuel consumption of the auto transport. An inoperable or heavily damaged vehicle may require special equipment to load onto the truck. It also pushes up prices. And time of delivery. Quick pickup and delivery of the car require proper route planning that will be more expensive. If your requests are more flexible, the car shipping company will have time to organize delivery efficiently. And that could lead to lower costs. And the last factor is pick up and delivery locations. Due to the relatively high number of car shipping carriers and shipments available in urban areas, the price of shipping a vehicle tends to be lower than in rural areas. Providing car transportation services in rural areas requires more fuel and time. And that ultimately will be more expensive.     

International auto shipping quotes

Many of the clients also try to use rock auto shipping cost calculator to figure out the prices and options for international car shipping. If you want to ship your vehicle over water, using a shipping container for car transport will likely be the most affordable pricing option. It certainly is the most common scenario. In this situation, transportation is done by dropping off your car at a port and then using a ship loaded with shipping containers to facilitate international car transport.

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