Best shipping cars companies in USA

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Best shipping cars companies in USA

When dealing with shipping cars’ companies, it’s important to choose the one you can fully trust, especially if we are talking about expensive and rare cars’ delivery. Of course, in this industry there are a great number of circumstances and occasions you cannot really predict (such as bad weather conditions on the road or car accident). Regardless of this, some cars shipping companies have already proved their ability to do their job in the most efficient and safest way. Here we will disclose the basic and the most important information about the most famous of them.

Car shipping companies: the best examples

  1. AmeriFreight. Many cars’ owners truly consider this name as the representative of the best car shipping companies in the USA, and at some point, they are right. This is a very convenient and, what is even more important, safe way to deliver your vehicle from point A to point B as there are no payments in advance and, therefore, you will not lose any money in case of unexpected cancellation. Of course, you cannot cancel the transportation upon delivery, but in rational timing in advance you can easily do it. This transportation company works as a broker, meaning you will get a range of prices you can choose from. Beside that, there are a lot of groups of customers who are able to apply for some discount (students, seniors, early birds and even those who are buying their first car ever). Of course, such discounts are not too high, but even 30-50 dollars less can become a good deal.
  2. Ship a Car Direct. One more broker among the car shipping companies, but it's definitely one of the most secure and reliable one. The deal is that in most cases you are dealing with the carrier itself and there is no guarantee from the broker’s side (of course, they check the companies they are dealing with, but all the responsibility will lay only on the carrier). In case of Ship a Car Direct you will get a complimentary damage-free guarantee, which means that if there is some damage upon delivery and the carrier itself doesn’t want to cover it, it will be a broker’s responsibility to do so. Considering such details, it’s highly recommended to take detailed pictures of your vehicle’s conditions prior and upon the delivery to make sure you have all the evidence you may need. It’s not surprising that this particular broker has a much better reputation and more satisfied customers.
  3. Bargain Auto Transport. If you are looking for the best deal possible (meaning the lowest price), Bargain Auto Transport will definitely help you to find it. You can just inform the broker with your desirable price and it will search for an appropriate carrier who will accept your deal. Which is also very important, considering a great variety of carriers this broker is dealing with, you can easily and quickly find a possibility to deliver your car in the appropriate direction and period of time. Moreover, you can also find a way to transport inoperable cars which normally can become a problem. Interesting, that if you are waiting for too long to get an accepted offer, the broker itself will help you to make your offer more attractive, while you are still the only one who can set the final price (meaning you will never have to pay more that it’s agreed). This is a great option for those who don't have a lot of time for checking a great number of offers from various carriers and would like to close the deal as soon as possible.
  4. Intercity Lines. Basically, there are two main types of the delivery the shipping car companies are offering. An open transportation is a cheaper and more common way while an enclosed transport is used for the safest and more personalized delivery. And in regards to the enclosed carrier, Intercity Lines is one of the most reliable examples. It should be mentioned that this particular type of the delivery is much more common in case of the car’s transportation from the auto salon to the buyer, especially if he’s located in another part of the country. In comparison with more traditional open transportation, here you will get your car with no dirt and dust which would not be unavoidable in case of the cheaper open transportation. Moreover, Intercity Lines offer an opportunity of delivering less common vehicles such as motorcycles without any additional requirements.
  5. Montway Auto Transport is definitely among the best companies for shipping cars within remote destinations. And one of the most illustrative examples is Hawaii – far not every carrier will agree to deal with such a long distance for the transportation. The only requirement here is that the car should be at the West Coast to be picked up for Hawaii. Beside that, Montway Auto Transport is famous for its good insurance – 100,000 USD as well as pretty instant quotas you will get. It’s not surprising that among shipping companies for cars this one has a great reputation and a great number of regular customers (especially among those who are used to having vacations at the remote destinations).
  6. Horseless Carriage. If you are looking for an expensive car shipping, among the best companies can definitely be mentioned Horseless Carriage. It can be considered as a more VIP car’s service. Of course, the price for the transportation here is higher than average in the industry, but here you will get a more personalized and exclusive service. Owners of the classic, exotic, sports and other valuable cars are very interested in this kind of carrier and are ready to pay slightly more but to make sure their vehicle is in good hands. Moreover, if you are planning to apply for the transportation service on a regular basis, you will get a better deal with discounts and better quotas.
  7. Sherpa Auto Transport. Here we should mention that it’s always a possibility that the final price will be slightly different (and in the overwhelming majority of cases in higher direction) from the original one. It can be caused by unexpected changes in the routes at the last moment because of the weather conditions or the construction works on the road, fuel price’s increase etc. With a special price lock promise you will get a price which will not be changed whatever is happening. Thus, you can expect to pay as much as you originally agreed. This is one of the main and the most significant reasons why Sherpa Auto Transport is among the best shipping car companies in the USA. One more additional benefit you will get here is a complimentary car washing service upon delivery which will allow you to check the conditions of the car as soon as it’s delivered.

Horseless Carriage

Despite the fact the transportation quota plays a significant role in making a final decision, it should not be considered as the main point. Moreover, some not that famous and big carriers can have so-called hidden expanses and at the end you will have to pay an even higher rate than the most popular competitors.  To avoid it it’s highly recommended to check the reviews and the rating of the transportation company in advance.

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