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Do You Know Everything about International Auto Shipping?

When you are about to ship a car interstate, you can easily find advice from your friends and relatives, but when it comes to auto international shipping things look different. Transporting a vehicle overseas seems much more complicated and effort-consuming. However, if you study international shipping auto a bit deeper, you will see that it isn’t as stressful as it may seem at first sight. We have prepared this article to make the process less painful and as effective as possible.

Differences between interstate and international auto shipping

Shipping a car overseas differs from domestic shipping in a few ways.

Firstly, the transport company may use other methods of loading and delivery. Certain percentage of auto shipping international takes place by boat or by air. Before that the vehicle should be delivered to the nearest port. This is usually done by special carrier trailers. You can pay less if you deliver your vehicle to the nearest port on your own.

Secondly, when working with an international car shipping auto transport company, you should check that it is licensed to work internationally. Your paperwork will be more complex as well.

And finally, international auto shipping costs are much higher than those of continental transportation. The most pricey option of auto shipping internationally is by air freight, but it is the least demanded, as only antique and luxury cars are delivered this way.

What is RoRo auto shipping international USA?

RoRo is short for “roll on, roll off”, and it denotes the process of vehicle transportation when it is driven onto the boat, shipped to the new destination, and then driven off the boat.

This method is absolutely safe, as during the delivery the vehicle is carefully secured to prevent any damage.

RoRo shipping is suitable for almost any type of vehicle, regardless of their make and model and size. It is becoming more popular with people who search for auto international shipping, thanks to reasonable rates and convenience. RoRo shipping is available almost at all large port cities of the USA.

People who don’t think that RoRo auto international shipping is safe enough for their valuable cars, can choose containerized shipping, when the vehicle is sealed inside a shipping container.

What about paperwork while international shipping auto?

International auto shipping leads mean that you will have to deal with customs and plenty of paperwork which is quite different from documents you fill in during interstate car transportation.

The main documents required for auto shipping international USA usually include Bill of sale, Insurance card, VIN number, your passport, vehicle title. Take originals of the required documents and don’t forget to make certified copies at the Department of Motor Vehicles. You may also need a Shipper Export Declaration Form and some other papers and permissions. Be very attentive when working with documents, as even a minor mistake can cause serious problems during auto shipping international.

If you are not sure that you’ll manage to do all that on your own, it’s a good idea to turn to a shipping company which will free you from this challenge and do everything instead of you. As a rule, people who have been working in this sphere for decades know how to handle paper issues and customs documents. Import and export of a vehicle is a complicated process which calls for patience and accuracy. Therefore, the money that you pay for doing all the paperwork instead of you is worth it, as you can be sure that everything will go on smoothly.

What is the average international auto shipping cost?

International ShippingUndoubtedly, when you plan to move your vehicle overseas, you should be ready to pay more than when moving it across the USA. International auto shipping rates may differ from company to company, but in general they depend on the following factors:

Destination & Distance. Each country has its own laws on vehicle import. Some destinations require additional paperwork which will increase international auto shipping cost. As in case with interstate shipping, the price goes up when you are going to ship your vehicle to long distances.

Vehicle’s size & weight. Larger and heavier vehicles are more expensive to ship. This rule works both for domestic and overseas transportation.

Seasonality. International auto shipping costs may change depending on the time of the year. It’s more cost-efficient to ship a car in the winter than during summer months.

Shipping Method. Transportation to Mexico or Canada can be performed on a truck (open-air or enclosed shipping). However, when you need to transport your vehicle over the ocean, there are only two options available: either by boat or by air freight. These two methods cost more than average trailer transportation.

Storage. If you are not able to pick up your car immediately upon the delivery, you may need short-term storage which increases international auto shipping rates.

Scheduling. If you need to have expedited shipping, be ready to pay extra. Therefore, it’s better to plan auto shipping internationally as much in advance as possible in order to save money.

We hope that the information provided above will help you ship your car internationally with success. International car shipping auto transport is a complex issue, but you can ease the whole process if you learn more about it and get prepared in advance.

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