Easy way to ship a car in the USA

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Easy way to ship a car in the USA

From time to time, people may face the necessity of transferring their cars to the USA. It can be a personal or a professional reason but nevertheless requires deep research. Nowadays there are a lot of unfair and cheating small companies across the country, attracting potential victims with too low prices or huge discounts. That is why it’s important to have shipping companies in the United States you definitely can trust.

Bargain Auto Transport

Bargain logo

This is not actually the carrier itself but the online platform offering a variety of car shipping prices in the United States. Here you can easily find the best offer depending on your vehicle’s type and the required destinations. Despite the Bargain company carefully checking all the carriers it works with, it will be your responsibility to go through all the details of the contract to avoid any possible problems and issues during the service.

Besides the price’s benefits, with this USA transporter, you will get included insurance and great customer service.

Easy Auto Ship

Easy Auto Ship

This company provided auto transport in the United States not for a long time but already proved that it deserves a specific niche. Relatively low prices, fast delivery, a great range of destinations, and additional protection from damage on the way – these are the most attractive features the car’s owners are looking for. The only possible disadvantage to be mentioned is a website of the company with a variety of different advertisements to pop up.

Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport

This shipping company in the United States will do all possible to arrange the transportation in the most effective way. Despite the fact that some clients are complaining about a bit slow delivery, the carrier provides additional insurance (in case of the most valuable and expensive cars to be taken care of), 24/7 online customer service (which is extremely important in regards to the car’s transportation), confirmed dates of the pick-up and great numbers of states for the delivery. This means even Alaska and Hawaii can be covered by this carrier. In the USA this transporter has one of the best reputations and keeps doing great service for many years.

Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport

The main feature this company provides while shipping cars in the USA is a guaranteed quota. This means that as soon as you agree on the price of the car’s delivery it will not be changed regardless of any unexpected circumstances. The deal is that the overwhelming majority of other transportation companies will charge their clients for the additional mileage or any delay caused by weather conditions or the construction works on the road – meaning all the circumstances that occurred not with the company’s failure. With the guaranteed price you will not be required to pay any cent extra. Of course, such a service costs a little bit more than the usual price but definitely worth it, especially if you are applying for a long-distance delivery across the country. Moreover, the difference is not that big.

Customer service is also one of the strongest parts of this carrier. A great number of exclusively positive feedback definitely brings more and more customers and potential clients to the Sherpa company.



Looking at the quotas of these companies which are reflected on its website will make you feel that it’s not as cheap and attractive as competitors. But the main advantage of this shipping car company in the USA is a variety of discounts and special offers. You need to be careful while considering them as they have quite a short validity and may expire while you are just thinking of them.

Additionally, here you will get a truly reliable company that can also offer huge coverage across the country (50 states) and extra insurance.

American Auto Shipping

If you don’t like to waste a lot of time on pre-arrangements and focus on the most efficient service, American Auto Shipping is exactly what you need. Its website will provide you with faster quota online calculation while later on you may enjoy free car rental in case of a late delivery – that is how much this carrier is sure in its quick and reliable service.

All America Auto Transport

For those who believe that a great experience in the transportation industry is a must, All America Auto Transport with its more than 60 years background will be the best choice. In spite of such a long life in the sphere, here you can find modern technologies and, what is quite important, a much lower price for enclosed transportation, especially in case of a long-distance trip.

Nowadays there are much more reliable American transportation companies providing high-quality service for an affordable price. To make sure you are making the right choice, it’s always a good idea to check the most recent reviews from previous customers and clients which you can easily find on the Internet. That is how you can get the most accurate information for free.

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