Glance at the best cars shipment companies

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Glance at the best car shipment companies

Normally, the question “How to ship my car?” appears quite unexpectedly. For example, you might spend a couple of months looking for a new house and didn’t even think about the difficulties which may accompany such a purchase.

For your convenience here we gathered the best examples of the transportation companies which may be useful for the car’s delivery purpose.


It can be easily considered as the best company to ship your car in regards to its policy and conditions. Despite the price here being pretty standard and cannot be considered as the cheapest ones, you still have a great chance to get a discount (there are a lot of groups of discounts, and the more detailed information you can find on the official website). Additionally, here you will find one of the most loyal cancellation policies which will help you to save your money without any non-refundable fees.

Bargain Auto Transport

As we can see from the website’s name, on this platform you can make a good deal if you know how to bargain. Actually, it’s not a one single transportation services’ provider but mostly a broker which can be used as a great tool to find the best car ship company with the cheapest prices and reliable service. All the carriers are carefully checked before allowing to be on the list, but you still need to keep in mind that you will get a contract not with the online platform itself, but with a particular company. So, you need to be careful with all the details before making an agreement.

Ship a Car Direct

This is one more broker in the sphere, but here the emphasis is done not on the cheapest prices possible, but mostly on the reliability of the carriers. You will meet a unique damage-free delivery with a guarantee as well as some additional insurance and protection for the customers. This source of information is a great tool for those who pay special attention to the details and are ready to pay a little bit more but to get a high-quality service and a reliable product.

Horseless Carriage

This is definitely the best classic car ship company in the USA. You can be assured that your rare and usually quite expensive car will be delivered safely and with attentive attitude of the driver. Mostly, it’s ensured by using an enclosed transport where the car is placed inside the trailer and is fully protected both from the environmental effects and human factors (vandalism etc.). As an additional feature, here you have a possibility to track your car on its way online and be ready to receive it according to the agreed schedule.

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Intercity Lines

As was mentioned in the previous company’s description, an enclosed transport is much more reliable and safer for the cars’ delivery. And Intercity Lines is indeed one of the best providers of such a service. It’s especially popular in case of the transportation from the seller (auto salon) to the buyer as the car is arriving with no dirt or other visible changes. One more crucial benefit of this company is an extended insurance covering 2 million USD which is indeed high and attractive in comparison with the majority of other carriers.

Montway Auto Transport

This transportation company can be considered as one of the most famous and popular in the U.S., and one of the reasons for that is a great variety of the destinations it’s presented. Among the row you can find even Hawaii and Alaska – far not every carrier is willing to work with such remote destinations. Moreover, the cost of such deliveries is pretty adequate even in comparison with more traditional routes.

Obviously, each of the transportation companies above deserve your attention. Before making a final choice it’s always recommended to go through the reviews from the previous clients. That’s where you will see real advantages and disadvantages. You need to pay special attention to the customer service of the carrier as in most cases it can be a very important part of the deal.

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