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Vehicle shipping transport

Operation of a vehicle transport shipping company.

In general, road transport carries out the movement of the car from the point of departure to the point of destination using various types of transportation. This is often an open delivery method, much like shipping new vehicles from the factory to dealerships in different states. At the moment, open transportation in a truck trailer is the least expensive and therefore in high demand. In the road transport market, both auto brokers and road carriers operate as transport companies. The work of an auto broker is the organization and management of the transportation process, that is, in fact, the broker acts as an intermediary between customers and contractors of cargo shipment. In the process of controlling road transit, the broker prepares all the documents for delivery, deals with payments, solves trouble situations, and the customer does not waste his time and efforts on all that. Also, the broker has a better command of the situation on the freight market, knows real carriers and can influence rates downward. After searching for a carrier company engaged in car shipping and vehicle transport confirming the order for making delivery with it, this broker will send a carrier to you at the agreed time, informing in advance of its arrival at the place of loading and indicating its number. After the truck arrives for loading, you should inspect your vehicle with the driver. This procedure will help to identify any existing defects for insurance even before the beginning of the shipping process itself. Next, the car will be loaded onto a truck and it will go along the delivery route. At your request, the broker can provide a tracking number for vehicle traffic according to satellite communications, or he will check its location on a call.

Open carriage is quite suitable for sending a car for everyday use. But when it is necessary to deliver a rare and valuable automobile, it is advisable to use the enclosed transport service. In case of damage or contamination of such a car, the cost of repairing it can be higher than the bigger auto shipping quote of 50-75% for carrying in an enclosed trailer. Although usually with open delivery, it is not often possible to observe the infliction of serious damage to vehicles in transit.

When the truck arrives at the place of delivery, you can coordinate with the carrier when and where to pick up your car. During the second meeting with the driver, you must re-check your car to confirm the presence or absence of any defects after transportation, so that everything is recorded for possible further consideration as an insured event. That is, if damage is found, you can apply for compensation to the insurance company.

It is very important, before concluding an agreement for the provision of transportation services with an auto transport company, to study the situation on the professional rating of this company in the transport market and evaluate the reviews of other customers in order to avoid frauds. You can use the Transport Reviews website for this. You should not pay attention to very low prices in the search process, since such a fact quite possibly indicates that the auto broker is trying to attract any carrier to send your cargo. You can discuss with the broker the level of rates for transportation, agree on the optimal price for individual inexpensive routes and avoid unnecessary problems.

Average auto shipping quote considering the kind of transport.

Vehicle ShippingThere are three main kinds of transport in the field of road transport: open, enclosed and platform. The least expensive type of transportation is open. An enclosed truck rate is typically $450 higher than an open truck when loading the same vehicle along a similar route. Many owners of daily standard vehicles use open delivery, and premium transportation of expensive, exotic and sports cars with non-standard equipment and dimensions for them is the most optimal in order to avoid unnecessary troubles. With open delivery, cars drive into and out of the truck on their own, while in enclosed trailers, the process of loading and unloading is carried out using a hydraulic lift. In the latter case, possible damage is extremely unlikely to the vehicle being transported.

It is better to transport large, heavy vehicles and equipment on a platform, as they are not suitable for placement in open and closed trailers.

Obtaining quotations for the delivery of the vehicle.

You can calculate a transport vehicle shipping cost by different methods, both with the help of an online request or a shipping calculator, or by making a call to the carrier's agent. It is important to notify the broker about the possible express delivery of your car. Here's the important information required to get a specific car shipping quote:

  1. Loading and delivery points of the vehicle;
  2. Mode of transport, open-air or enclosed;
  3. Date of manufacture, make and model of the vehicle to estimate dimensions when loaded;
  4. The working condition of the machine and the possibility of its movement during loading and unloading operations in a truck;
  5. The deadline for receiving the car is the earliest one.
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