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Fidelity Auto Shipping Overview

Fidelity Auto Shipping Corp is one of the largest transport companies that has been present on the US market for more than 30 years. Once it was started as a small local company, and nowadays it has grown into an experienced player of the logistics industry offering a wide selection of services nationwide and internationally. We have prepared a small overview of Fidelity Auto Shipping service for you to know the company closer. 

Advantages of Fidelity Auto Shipping Corp

Almost all Fidelity Auto Shipping Corp reviews tell us about the main advantages of working with the company. 

Fidelity Auto Shipping service covers not only the territory of the United States, but it also provides its services across sea to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and even internationally. The company has all the necessary licenses to work overseas and delivers both vehicles and heavy equipment. 

During the long period of expertise on the market, Fidelity Auto Shipping has developed a vast carrier network, which includes only trustworthy and reputable shippers. As soon as a particular carrier is assigned to you, you can get the driver’s telephone number and other contact details to keep in touch whenever you need it. Thus, you can get updated on your vehicle shipping in real time.

Fidelity Auto Shipping reviews mention timely service and flexibility as one of the major pluses. The company also settles all the documentation issues for you. They have careful inspections at all the shipping stages and provide insurance without any additional costs.

Finding the right price is very important when shipping a vehicle. No one wants to be deceived and to overpay. According to Fidelity Auto Shipping Corp reviews, the company provides its clients with all-inclusive quotes without any hidden fees and unexpected extras.  

Fidelity Auto Shipping Corp transport methods

The company offers its clients both open-air and enclosed shipping services. Let’s see what their main differences are.

Open-air carriers are more cost-efficient, as their price is lower, and more accessible thanks to their larger number on the market in comparison with the enclosed trailers. However, open trailers do not ensure total protection to your vehicle, as it's disclosed to road elements and poor weather conditions during the delivery. 

Enclosed carriers are safer, as the vehicle is sealed inside a truck or container and well secured. However, they cost about 40-60% more. Enclosed shipping is more advisable in case of transportation of classic or luxury cars, antique vehicles. 

In conclusion, we would like to mention that during the period of its operation Fidelity Auto Shipping has delivered more than 36,000 vehicles for over a million customers from different parts of the USA. If you look through Fidelity Auto Shipping reviews, you will hardly find many negative opinions and claims. Based on this, we can suppose that the company has a customer-oriented approach and reliable experience, therefore, it’s worth your attention. 

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