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Let’s consider the transporter car Audi in every particular case

Audi is one of the most famous and popular auto brands in the world. Being a part of German Volkswagen Group, Audi easily found its own segment at the market while attracting more and more new admirers. The first official car of this brand was released in 1910 under Audi Automobil-Werke. Nowadays you can see a great variety of different models starting from standard passenger’s sedans for daily use of the middle class and ending with great sports cars which are winning various race shows. Business-cars, coupes, cabriolets, crossovers and some subcompact models for big cities – there is nothing you cannot find in the wide range of the vehicles here.

The history of the name is also pretty interesting as it’s not just a sequence of letters. The last name of the founder of the company was Horch, and if to translate this word into Latin it will be Audire (meaning to listen). Therefore, Audi is an imperial form of this verb.

It’s not surprising that we can see Audi in a great variety of movies, and not only of German ones. One of the most illustrative examples is the Transporter cars, where Audi played one of the most significant and memorable roles.

Main examples

Overall, there are 3 parts of the Transporter movie where you can enjoy amazing and distinguishing cars of the main character of Jason Statham. But in regards to Audi, you can find it only in parts 2 and 3.

Let’s consider The Transporter car Audi in every particular case.

  1. Audi A8 6.0 W12 in Transporter 2 is a car you can see during the whole movie. The main character – Frank Castle – always gives preferences to the most luxurious cars possible, and this is one of his best choices. The whole line of A8 had different variations released between 2004 and 2011, and in this particular version we can see the demonstration of the powerful and very effective car. Particularly it’s caused by its special 5998cc engine which is pretty unique and allows it to reach the speed of 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds. For a non-sports car it’s a very impressive indicator which led to some really nice chase scenes in the Transporter with Audi car.
  2. In the third part of the Transporter the car is Audi A8 6.0 W12 Facelift. Besides the color changes (in the previous version the car was black while here you can enjoy the look of the silver surface), there are not that obvious but still important changes and adjustments. Thus, it’s a super effective sedan with 4 cylinders and 6-liter engine which allows you to get 580 Nm of torque within 446 horsepower. There is some small disadvantage of this model which was definitely not that important for the Statham’s character but should be mentioned in the car’s characteristics – it has not so good fuel economy. For example, in the city traffic you can expect 4 mph while on the highway slightly higher but still not impressive 7 mph.

Audi A8 6.0 W12

Additional bonus

Within all these examples of the Transporters car Audi, it’s not surprising that Jason Statham decided to use them in real life. Not exactly the same ones, but as we can see all the technical characteristics of this German brand fully satisfy his manner of driving.

Here are some the most famous cars from his collection:

  • Audi RS 6. The main attractive feature of this vehicle for those who are interested in the possession of this beautiful car is its relatively affordable price. At least if we are considering the whole segment of the similar models. This particular one costs now about 90,000 dollars. But it should not turn you away if you are willing to get a really good auto for a daily usage. Basically, there are two main variations within the RS 6 model. The first one is called Performance, and this is exactly what Statham has. And the reason why is an enormous power you will get when driving this car. Another variant is Avant which looks more practical while you still will not complain in regards to its “energy” on the road;
  • Audi S8. This particular car has two main sides: it’s a superfast sports car for getting a high speed in seconds while it’s also a luxurious car which adds an essential stylish tint to the driver. Especially we would like to underline its very unique and attractive interior which is better one time to see than to describe. It’s not surprising that Jason Statham chose this model for his collection. There is a pretty long story of Audi S8 as it was produced during four generations, while every time there was something new added to the original version. Therefore, nowadays we have a really good example of the effective car for whatever reason you are willing to use it;
  • Audi R8. Despite the other Audis mentioned above can be considered as sports cars, there is nothing similar to this version. The V8 engine allows the car to have 430 horsepower. The top speed is not super high and only 168 mph which is still more than enough for running through the highway and not in the professional races. The possibility of getting 60 mph speed in just 4 seconds makes this car a desirable sports car for every real cars’ admirer, both professional and amateur. It’s an interesting fact that Statham possesses two Audi R8 at the same time but of different colors – black and white which is one more evidence of the great characteristics of this model. The black one was purchased by him directly, while the white one (his most favorite one) was presented by the Audi company after the releases of all the Transporters’ movies.

Considering the Transporter and any Audi car which was shown there, this movie can be considered as the best advertisement ever. You can see it in action, during dangerous and difficult to perform chases and all the time you can see that in the result it can do everything. And this is not only about the particular models you can see on the screen – everything which is produced by this famous brand is an example of a great quality and reliability within a very wide price segment.

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