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All You Need to Know about Enclosed Car Shipping

When people need to ship a car interstate or overseas they have to choose between an open and enclosed shipping car. Although open car shipping will cost you less and will help you save money, we strongly recommend choosing car shipping enclosed if you need to transport luxury or classic cars, or simply if you want to ensure extra protection for your favorite vehicle.

Why choose enclosed trailer car shipping? 

When you travel to another state or even another country and you don’t want to part with your car, it is most likely that you will search for a company which will transport your car as carefully and cautiously as possible. On the one hand, you will search for a cost-efficient option, but if you are still more concerned about the safety and proper protection of your valuable vehicle, there is no better way than to turn to an enclosed car shipping company.

Enclosed car shipping ensures 100% security as the vehicle is completely protected from road debris and bad weather conditions. Your car will not be afraid of hail or snowstorms. Moreover, all cars inside the trailer are securely fastened with reliable straps which provide complete immobility of the vehicle while driving. 

Although enclosed car shipping cost is higher than that of an open transportation, you will be sure that your car isn’t exposed to any danger and no damage will be caused to it during transportation.

What is more, enclosed trailer car shipping uses hydraulic lift gates. It is especially important for cars with low ground clearance, as during loading/unloading of such vehicles with slanted ramps they can get damaged.

All cars are inspected for their condition during the pick up and the delivery. Some companies even take before/after photos. If they don’t, you can take photos yourself in order to be backed up with some evidence. 

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How does enclosed shipping car work? 

In order to choose the best enclosed car shipping company, you need to make out how it works. 

First you need to carry out a little research and to choose a few car shipping enclosed companies that suit your budget and your requirements. 

As soon as you get free enclosed car shipping quotes from them select the one that is affordable to you. It does not necessarily have to be the cheapest offer, since the low price may hide a number of disadvantages associated with inflexibility and insufficient protection.

You should also make up your mind about the type of delivery. It can be door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal shipping. Undoubtedly, door-to-door is more time-consuming as you need to be present during the loading/unloading of the vehicle. But on the other hand, it is more convenient, as there is no need to drive your car to the terminal. 

When you get your vehicle delivered, it’s important to check the car for damage and sign all the necessary documents.

What else to pay attention to when enclosed shipping car? 

  1. Insurance
    Although it has already been mentioned that enclosed car shipping is absolutely safe and secure, it is always important to check for the insurance the enclosed car shipping company offers. All carriers in the USA are obliged to have regular insurance. But you need to make clear what parts of the vehicle it covers and for what kind of damage it is. As a rule, additional insurance to cover your vehicle totally may cost extra money.

  2. Car condition
    In case you need to transport an inoperable car, clear up in advance whether the company works with such vehicles and what are the requirements. As a rule, the wheels should be rolling, the breaks should be in good condition, and there should be no fuel leakage. However, these requirements may be different for some classic and antique cars.  

As you can see, car shipping enclosed is much safer for your unique vehicle than open transport. The only thing you should pay special attention to when getting an enclosed car shipping quote, is the assessment of testimonials and reviews for the company you want to work with.   

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