Cars international ship from and to the USA

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Car international ship from and to the USA

International travelling is getting more and more popular. And the transportation industry is also not staying at the place and moving forward to be able to satisfy the customers’ needs. Nowadays you can pretty easily ship a car with international carriers.

Types of the international services

Despite the fact that a transportation company will ship your car anyway, it’s important to know which particular reasons are the most common:

  • Individual transportation. This is especially popular for the students and in case of the relocation. What is interesting in this segment is that you can arrange to ship a car internationally together with your personal belongings, furniture and other stuff. Doing it throughout the same carrier will provide you with better price and more personalized service in comparison with the separate delivery. Separately here we can mention militaries and their families as normally they have a significant part of this segment;
  • Delivery from eBay website. This type is extremely important and famous among the foreigners who are used to ordering there a lot of products with relatively cheap prices. And in regards to the transport the most popular example here is motorbikes;
  • Global delivery. A lot of cars’ dealers from abroad prefer to ship a car internationally with a lower cost from the USA. Arranging a multiple delivery provides them with a great discount. Luckily, there are no limitations on the weight and the quantity of the cars within the international shipment.

Special features

cars shipping

There are quite a lot of companies which provide the service to ship car on international routes. They can differ with prices and additional services as well as the insurance included but there are some main features which are quite similar from case to case.

First of all, you should understand that in most cases the final point of such a delivery of the car will be some port. In very rare cases the carrier will take responsibility to transport your vehicle to the inner city, especially if we are talking about remote locations. On the other side, if the transportation company is from the USA, it will be much easier to arrange a pick-up service from your state and even from your home, even if your location is far away from the seaside. Normally, such companies underline such kinds of services on their website with particular examples of the original pick-up points.

You should also understand that there is some paperwork and necessary documentation required to make it possible to ship a car or any other vehicle from the USA to another country. Again, if you are applying for the American company’s service, in most cases it will take care of all the formalities and will make the whole process as smooth and fast as possible.  

Like with the traditional car transportation, including across-the-country routes, on the website of the international carrier you most probably also will find an online-calculator which will provide you with the primary cost of the shipping. You just need to fill the form in regards to the car’s type, destinations and some additional information.

Here you need to pay especially attention to the insurance policy of the transporter – if it covers only the territory of the USA or the whole route as it may cause some difficulties during the shipment.

One of the most famous and reliable examples of the international cars’ carrier is USA-Intl Shipping Company. Of course, you can choose any other, but before making an agreement it is always strongly recommended to check the reviews and the overall reputation of the carrier.

Finally, it’s also possible to arrange the international delivery with the local carrier of the final destination, but in this case it can become quite challenging to pick up the car from the dealer office or eBay storage – such additional service can cost you a significant amount of money.

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