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How to choose the best auto transport online

If you are planning on moving out of state and don’t have an extra body to ship your vehicle, hiring a trustworthy auto transport service is your best choice. If you know how car shipping works, it can help you alleviate the stress while shipping your vehicle.

Look for references

The very first thing you should do is to look for references. It is a tricky task but if you need to transport your vehicle safely, then it’s the need of the hour to find references. There can be a number of people in your social circle who have transported their vehicles from one place to another. You need to contact them and ask them about their experience with the auto transport service they chose for the task of moving their automobile. Try to know their general views about the car transporter and ask them about various aspects like services, safety, and punctuality of the company who transported their automobiles. You will be able to learn a lot about the services of the car shipping company your acquaintances have used in the past. This information can definitely help you find the best option for the moving of your automobile. Make sure you can ask at least five people about their car shipping experience.

Choose auto transporters online you can trust

The best car shipping service must deliver your car on its first promise. In other words, the car transporter must follow what they said will happen throughout your auto transport. And, it all starts with a free quote. You want to choose a car transporter that will make you feel like they’re honest and professional. However, not all car transporters are what they say they are. The best auto transport service must keep you informed throughout the car shipping process. They must also provide you with an instant online auto transport quote. Many car transporters only contact you before and after delivery. This leaves you wondering if your automobile is safe. But a trustworthy auto transport service must provide several updates to ease your concern. It also helps if they can give you the truck driver’s phone number. There are other ways to check the reliability of a car shipping service you are planning to choose. You can ask them if they offer insurance coverage. You can also check what other people are saying about the auto shipping company. Do not forget to check the Better Business Bureau for their business rating.

Get auto transport rates online

When hiring a car shipping service, you can get an auto transport online quote instantly. This step is crucial because the information you submit to the car transporter will give you an accurate auto transport company online quote, date of pickup, and delivery. The company’s basic information is name and address, phone number, email, pickup and destination city, and your car’s make and model. Knowing the make and model of your car will help determine the auto transport online estimate based on weight and measurements, while the pickup and destination cities factor into the total mileage for the move.

Check the online auto transport reviews

If you want to find the best car transporter, another thing you should do is check auto transporter's online reviews on different platforms. Many car shipping companies allow their clients to post reviews on Google. All you need to do is to find the car transporter on Google and check the reviews posted by its customers. Thus, you can find the honest opinions of the clients who have actually experienced the car shipping services of a particular car transporter. In addition, this can help you get knowledge about the positive and negative aspects of the services of a particular company. Checking the reviews will help you find the best car shipping company.

Choose your shipping method

Another thing you need to do is to choose one of the types of shipping methods offered by the particular company. Usually, the best car shipping service offers four types of shipping methods. These four shipping methods include open and enclosed car transport, door-to-door shipping methods, and expedited shipping methods. If you choose open auto transport, your car will be shipped via open car carriers. This shipping method may help you transport your automobile earlier. However, if you have a very expensive or exotic car and you need to sip it safely, then choose enclosed car transport. An enclosed or covered car shipping method will keep your automobile safe from damages, bad weather conditions, and elements. Just remember that an enclosed shipping method can take a bit longer compared to open-car auto transport. The door-to-door car shipping option is all about comfort. If you want to move your vehicle without spending a lot of time and effort, then this option is definitely for you. The door-to-door shipping method means the truck will arrive at your doorstep or the nearest safe place to pick up and drop off your automobile. The express car shipping method means that your vehicle will be shipped as quickly as possible. Even if the driver of a truck has to alter the schedule and route, he will still prioritize the delivery of your automobile. He will make sure that your vehicle is delivered first, and then all other cars loaded on the hauler will reach their final destination.

Prepare your vehicle before the transportation

Once you have paid the deposit, it is time to prepare your car before it is shipped. Perform a quick check to make sure all fluids are filled to the appropriate levels. Make sure all tires are properly inflated. Leave only one-quarter of a gas tank in your vehicle to avoid any additional weight charges. Don’t forget to remove any heavy items that may be in the trunk, if necessary. Then remove toll readers and turn off your car alarm. If the car passes through a toll gate, you might get charged if the reader is in a prominent position. Finally, remove all of your personal possessions and pack them with the rest of your items.

LoJack for cars

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Vehicle inspection and auto transport bill of lading

When the auto car online services transport comes to ship your vehicle, a representative will inspect your car with you. Be sure to check for any dents, scratches, or body damage and record the inspection sheet’s information accurately. Next, you will receive a copy of the inspection report and the bill of lading, and your vehicle will be loaded onto the auto carrier. Keep every document in a secure place because you’ll need them to claim your vehicle at the final destination.

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