Cross country car shipping reviews

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Shipping cars across country reviews

When we are talking about any kind of service there are two main points which will directly affect the experience we get. And they should be in balance. If the shipping a car across country price is too low, you cannot expect to receive an exclusive service. Of course, sometimes you can get a pretty much pleasant surprise if it’s so, but this is not that common. Normally, lower prices mean poorer conditions of the trucks where your vehicle will be delivered on. Or, what is even more dangerous for your budget, there can be some hidden expenses you were not informed about in advance but will need to pay upon your car’s delivery.

To make sure the service you will get can be considered as an adequate one, you can use cross country car shipping reviews. Today you can easily find them online and, therefore, to figure out the opinion of the people like you in regards to the shipping cars across country prices and the result of the deal.

On average

At the beginning it can be quite difficult to understand which services are overestimated and which have a pretty fair shipping a car across country average cost. But to know it, you will need to know this exact average cost. Of course, there are so many factors that can affect the price you may need to pay for your vehicle transportation, but at least you will know what to expect in the most common situations.

Thus, in regards to the open transport for your car, shipping car across country average cost is 710 dollars. In case of more expensive but much more convenient delivery of the car within an enclosed truck you should be ready to pay around 1,120 dollars. Of course, the difference is pretty much essential, especially for those who have a limited budget, but, once again, here you are paying not only for the transportation of your car from point A to point B but also for the service itself. In case of the enclosed delivery your valuable vehicle will be placed inside the fully protected trailer, therefore the shipping a car cross country average cost in this case also includes a higher protection and security of your vehicle.

Here we will pay your attention to those transportation companies in the United States which successfully combine great shipping car across country reviews and a great service aside with a very good cost from the clients’ perspective.


If you are looking for a really good transportation broker with a nice reputation and numerous positive shipping cars across country reviews, this is exactly what you may need. While the quotes are pretty average within the transportation industry, you as a car’s owner will have a lot of essential benefits. For example, from the very beginning you will get your own personal agent who will supervise the whole process of your vehicles’ transportation from the very beginning and the discussions until the real performance of the delivery service. Vehicles in this case mean not only the cars of different makes, models and years but also motorcycles and even boats. Not every modern transportation company can provide you with such an exclusive service.

There is one more important aspect, especially if we are talking about the transportation of expensive cars. Here you will be provided by the tracking system which will allow you to check the exact location of your car during all the process. This feature is not too common within the carriers so can be considered as a very unique bonus.

This broker also has a great number of shipping car cross country reviews you can check. With more than 3,000 of them this company has a rating of almost five full starts. This is a very great example of the broker that carefully checks all the carriers before letting them be a part of its network.

Montway Auto Transport

This is one more broker with a shipping car cross country average cost. This transport broker can provide you with the opportunity to deliver your car to such remote states as Hawaii and Alaska with no any problem. Basically, today Montway Auto Transport is famous exactly because of its easy and pretty cheap way to transport your vehicle from the West Coast to Hawaii.

According to the shipping a car across country reviews, here you can always contact the driver if you need any update which is very important in case of the brokers. Traditionally, they are not providing their clients with the carrier’s details because there is always a chance that for the next time a car’s owner will prefer to work with the carrier directly. And Montway Auto Transport is not afraid of it.

You are not required of any upfront fees while the broker can guarantee you a pick-up date for your car. Extra protection is also provided so you can be sure that even if you don’t have the opportunity to deal with the carrier directly to discuss all the options, your car will be fully protected in case of any uncertainties.


The average cost of shipping a car across country may look slightly lower than the offers from this transportation broker. But it’s only unless you check the discounts for various groups of the customers. Here you can find seniors, students, military, early birds and even those who are buying the car for the first time and want it to be delivered with the service of this transportation company.

Also, you will have a pretty wide choice of the methods of the transportation (open, enclosed, door-to-door, terminal-to-terminal, standard and expedited) so it will be much easier to adjust the offer to your particular needs.

 Car Shipping

Sherpa Auto Transport

Here we should make a small remark in regards to the transportation industry overall. Usually, when you prefer to use an easier and faster service of the transportation company, you will choose a broker. You will give him a quote you are willing to pay or you will be provided by the estimated price you will need to pay for the transportation of your particular car on the particular route. And in the overwhelming majority of cases the original price will be changed (and not for your profit).

Sherpa Auto Transport guarantees its clients that the original price of the car’s delivery will not be changed. To provide this kind of locked-in price this carrier is ready to take on up to 300 dollars difference between what you are ready to pay and what the carrier wants to get.

Moreover, this company will provide every client with the car washing reimbursement for 20 dollars. This bonus is extremely important for those who are planning to apply for open transportation. Normally, the insurance company can cover some damages only if they are announced within a very short time after the delivery itself, and that is how you can easily protect yourself.


This is a very unique online platform with hundreds of carriers within the United States, but here you will not use the service of the transport broker – you will need to make a choice on your own. From one point of view, it can be a much more efficient way as only you can know the exact requirements and the most attractive conditions of the deal. On the other hand, you should expect to spend more time on the investigations if you are willing to get the best deal. In any case, the website of UShip is very user-friendly and you can expect to enjoy this kind of research. As a bonus, you will also get your personal cargo insurance.

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