Characteristics of the enclosed cars hauler

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Characteristics of the enclosed car hauler

Regardless you would like to rent or to buy a car hauler enclosed it’s important to have a basic understanding of what it is, how it can be used and what the differences between various variants are. Here we will cover the most important information for the users.

Specific of the work

When transporting a car from one spot to another, especially if we are talking about quite a long distance, it can be very useful and practical to place it on the hauler. There are two types of them – an open and enclosed car hauling trailer. The first one is normally used in regards to the standard used cars while an enclosed version provides much more security and comfort both for the driver and for the car itself.

It can make sense to buy and not just to rent car haulers enclosed if you own an exotic or classic valuable car and would like to show it during various auctions. Or if you have a sports car for participating at the race tracks. In these and some other cases you may need a safe and reliable way to transport your car.

To do so you just need an appropriate enclosed cars’ hauling which will be towed by some truck or another pretty massive and heavy vehicle.


Features you may need

Thus, when choosing among various enclosed car haulers you can figure out that they may have some interesting features you don’t have a clear idea about. Here are some the most basic ones which can make the whole transporting process easier for you and safer for your car:

  • Loading process. If you are planning to buy a hauler for personal usage, most probably you will not have any additional equipment that professional carriers have. That is why it’s quite important to make sure that this particular hauler will be pretty autonomic. Some versions have a special so-called beaver tail – the back side of the trailer, which while being opened provides a great entrance for the car. You need to make sure that there is an appropriate ramp angle for this;
  • Access to the car. It can be very crucial to be able to access your vehicle on the way. For example, you might wish to check its condition after some urgent braking or a flip flop. Modern enclosed haulers provide this opportunity as well as a convenient escape door which is very popular among travelers with cars;
  • Lightening. Of course, today every mobile phone is equipped with a pretty bright lamp but in regards to the hauler it can be essential to have an appropriate installed lighting for the loading process taking place at night or early morning. That is why most modern trailers for this purpose have special lightening at the back side;
  • Reliable construction. When considering the enclosed car hauling, you need to make sure that it will have an appropriate capacity for your car. Also, you need to check the materials which were used for the frame – nowadays most probably it will be a good-quality steel. The roof also should not be underestimated as it will be in charge of the protection. Any small defect can lead to a catastrophe in case of heavy rain or snow – that is why it’s highly recommended to use a one-piece roof with no joints and other weak parts;
  • Special tires. Just a few years ago most hauler’s producers preferred to use bias ply tires but eventually they were replaced by more productive and environment-friendly radial tires. The last ones have much less blowouts and overall can provide longer life;
  • Interior. The inner part of the hauler must be practical and spacious enough. For example, definitely you will need to keep there a spare tire and some equipment for the emergency cases;
  • Warranty. Before making a deal, you need to carefully check the details in regards to the warranty policy of the company. Typically, for this kind of trailer the producer provides a 3 years warranty.

Before towing a hauler for a long distance, it’s strongly recommended to try it on the shortest ones. You need to get used to the long “tail” you will have to make sure all the turns and stops are done smoothly. Especially if inside the trailer you have a pretty expensive and valuable car.

Finally, before making a decision to buy a hauler, every car’s owners need to carefully consider the necessity of this purchase as in the overwhelming majority of cases it’s enough just to rent such a trailer. Moreover, it can be possible to arrange the full delivery by a professional driver who will tow your car in the most safe and reliable way.

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