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Tips for choosing 5 star auto transport company

Car shipping is one of the few services that require special attention because it involves handling automobiles that cost a lot of money. So if you’re thinking about shipping your vehicle cross country, then think carefully about choosing a 5 star auto transport company that does the job very well. But how do you know that you hire the right car shipping service for your needs and standards? Here are some tips to make the best choice on this matter.

Check for insurance coverage

Before you entrust your automobile to the auto transport 5 star service, make sure that the company of your choice is insured and licensed. Sometimes, vehicles can occasionally get damaged while in transit. Therefore, you need to be sure that your car shipping provider has enough insurance to cover any damages your vehicle can receive during the transportation. Make sure you understand what the car shipping company's insurance policy covers, and the amount of insurance deductible you’d need to pay out in case there is an insurance claim. You should also ask your own insurance carrier what exactly they will cover in the unlikely event that your vehicle is damaged during the transportation.

Check for 5 star auto transport reviews

When you search for the 5 star auto transport US, research should pave the way for that important decision. There can be many claiming to be the best car transport companies online. However, your judgment needs to be the only factor. So, during Internet research, you need to look for good and bad signs that can help you make the right decision. As a customer, you should remember that the car shipping service is also a kind of business. The first thing you should check while searching for the best car shipping service is their ability to be professionals at all times. Hire a car shipping company that has a good auto transport 5 star rating for being on time during pickup and drop-off. You can also check review sites such as Yelp or Google Ratings and find 5 star auto transport US reviews. They can help you find out if a car shipping company prides itself on professionalism. 

Inspect your vehicle before transportation

Before you give your car to the 5-star nationwide auto transport for inspection, take it in for the complete servicing. This is to ensure that your automobile is in good working condition and it doesn't have any mechanical, electrical or other issues. When it comes to the inspection of your car, always remember that it’s for your benefit as well as for the benefit of the car transporter to have your vehicle inspected prior to having it loaded onto the car carrier.

In order to make the automobile less difficult to inspect, you need to make sure that your car is very well clean. The outside shouldn’t have any dirt on it. And the inside should be uncluttered and neat, making it easier to inspect for any signs of damages or general wear and tear. You should document dings, any dents, or any minute scratches on your automobile together with the car shipping company. So, there will be absolutely no possibility of a later misunderstanding once your car is delivered to you. Another inspection will likely be administered at the drop-off location.

Although damage is rare, it can still occur. Thus, it’s important to document any damages to your car on the bill of lading as soon as your vehicle comes off the trailer. The car shipping service won’t take responsibility for any damages that you report to them after you’ve already taken possession of your car.

Do they have great customer service?

The best car shipping service ensures that its customers are provided with the best customer service throughout the duration of their partnership. Choose a company whose customer service representatives can give you the exact details of where their trucks are. It is even better if the company hires real people to answer phone calls instead of bots who can’t do anything about client frustration.

How much does it cost to ship a vehicle?

Truck carrying carsYour rate will likely be determined by the method of transportation you choose and will differ based on the transport company and your pickup location relative to your desired drop-off destination. In general, the more accessible the location and the destination the more affordable the transport conversely out of way regions will be far more costly to transport your vehicle to.

Typically the most cost-effective way to transport a motor vehicle is on an open car carrier. This is the type of large, multilevel, truck that we so often see on the road. An open car carrier can hold as much as 15 automobiles simultaneously depending on the situation. Typically car manufacturers and dealerships use commercial transporters such as these for getting their cars and trucks from one location to another. Open car carriers are quite dependable, however, they aren’t appropriate for every situation.

When foodies move, they choose an auto transport company that understands the importance of their culinary treasures. Our service ensures your delicate and perishable food items are transported safely to your new home. Trust us to handle your food with care, whether it's rare ingredients, homemade goodies, or cherished culinary collections. Focus on your move while we safeguard your culinary delights - because your food deserves a smooth journey too!

The transport process may take roughly 2-10 days for the mover to pick up your motor vehicle. The timing is determined by a number of factors such as the region of the country that the automobile will be picked-up from and the distance that it must travel to get to its final destination. Keep in mind that lengthier distance moves usually take more time to coordinate., and that after your car or truck is picked up for transport, it may take as much as 21 days to deliver your vehicle to the specified drop-off location. However, the actual amount of time it takes will really depend upon your pickup and drop locations.

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