Fuel additives for diesels

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How to make your diesel engine’s performance

Until electric cars become worldwide used and affordable, car and truck drivers have to deal with a traditional fuel, and in most cases we can speak about diesel. It’s caused by the diversity and universal features of diesel engines as well as the easy process of getting this kind of fuel.

But it was until the demand began to exceed the supply of this non-renewable resource. It led to the increase of fuel diesel price and adding different components to the mixture itself. Additionally, gasoline engines are considered as huge competitors for diesel ones,

Nowadays we have a great technology allowing us to create less air pollution, but even with them we cannot achieve the most effective diesel fuel productivity without additives.

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The main purposes to use

In case you have never heard about additives to diesel fuel here are some most bright examples of their effects:

  • Properties protection. Here we can speak about cetane rating, lubricity, cold weather, stability and other aspects. It’s approved that additives for diesel fuel can help to low cetane numbers, to improve low temperature operability and to increase its poor lubricity;
  • Long life for injectors. Even a good quality diesel can continuously ruin a car’s injectors (creating deposits and dirt, causing sticking). Modern fuel additives will make diesel cleaner and purer;
  • Avoiding potential microbial problems. Basically, this specialty is related only to diesel as, in comparison with gasoline fuel, it’s used to be stored for a longer period of time. With additives you will be able to kill the microbes and to prevent diesel spoilage.

Varieties at the market

Firstly, we need to mention that there are 2 types of fuel additives for diesels:

  • Single-functioned, aimed to resolve one particular problem (like dealing with low temperature, improving of fuel economy etc.);
  • Multi-functional, covering a great number of potential threats and characteristics to improve.

Even if you particularly know the main problem of your diesel engine, it’s highly recommended to give the priority for the second type, as modern products cover an impressive number of things. It can protect the fuel system parts providing better mileage, water liquidating, extra cleaning and others. And the price of such valuable assistants is not that different from single-purpose additives.

Among the most common additives in diesel fuel among the American drivers we can name:

  1. Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost. This one can be used during the whole year to improve the quality of the diesel used and its economy. Many of the users are adding that this product provides a much smoother run of the engine;
  2. Diesel Fuel Supplement + Cetane Boost. This additive enhances diesel fuel in winter time (with temperature as low as 30 degrees below zero), especially in case of its storing. That’s how you can avoid wax and ice forming in fuel-filters.

Both of these additives to diesel fuel are provided by the company Power Product Service, but there are a great number of others.

Thus, Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme is famous for its long-term and effective use, especially in regards to the engine protection. Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment fits both diesel and gasoline fuels and helps to essentially decrease sulfur contaminants. One more popular example is Howes Diesel Treat, anti-gel that can be used both as a cold weather protection and anti-water removal.

There is a great difference in prices, so you may always choose the most appropriate one. The only thing you need to take into consideration: whichever additive for diesel fuel you use is that it must be used on the regular basis to reach the maximal result.

Of course, many people are still ignoring the necessity of diesel additives (or even have never heard about them), but this carelessness can shorten a life of the engine or at least create a potential risk of damages and costly repair.

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