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Enclosed auto transport trailers for sale

Basically, there are a great number of the situations when you may need to face the necessity of looking for enclosed auto transport trailers for sale. This auto construction can be useful both for the individual purposes and for work. In the first case, an enclosed auto transport trailer for sale is more applicable for those cars’ owners who need to deliver their vehicles to different places on a regular basis (for example, on auctions, exhibitions, auto shows etc.). Therefore, we are talking more about the owners of exclusive (classic, sports, exotic) cars. On the other hand, such trailers can be used if your business is connected with moving inoperable cars or some heavy and oversize equipment.

Main benefits

When considering different auto transport trailer manufacturers, you will find open and enclosed variants. While the open-framed platforms cost much cheaper and can be more popular as a very basic decision for the small business, enclosed option is a much better investment, especially if consider it in the future perspective. And if the price of the new enclosed construction is totally beyond your budget, used auto transport trailers for sale can become a great alternative.

Here are just some most common and obvious advantages of the enclosed trailer that you can enjoy in all the spheres:

  • Protection. When transporting your cars or other vehicles for short or long distances, the most important is to deliver them safe. Especially when we are talking about expensive cars, the damage of which (even a very small one) can cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars. When being transported inside the enclosed trailer, the car will be fully covered from all the sides, therefore nor bad weather conditions or random small rocks from under the wheels of other cars will bring damage to the car;
  • Easy usage. Every enclosed auto transport trailer manufacturer is interested in attracting more customers. That is why you can find a lot of variants that do not need any special equipment for loading and unloading the cars (unless they are operable). For example, a tow-down rear door can act as a great and convenient ramp for the vehicles to be moved inside the trailer.  But even if you will need to use special additional mechanisms, in most cases you can be sure that you can cope with the process by yourself, without any extra assistance. In regards to the driving, you just will need some truck or tractor to adjust the construction to the back;
  • Strength. When you choose production of the reliable auto transport trailer manufacturer, you can expect that it will be able to deliver pretty heavy cargo. Before making a deal, you need to carefully consider the recent and expecting business situation and to find the trailer that will fit your requirements. Thus, for the individual usage with just 1-2 cars in the collection you can choose a more compact version while for the business purposes with a great number of the vehicles you should better pay attention to more massive and huge constructions. But anyway, you can expect that the cars inside the trailer are safe.

One additional tip for those who cannot afford to buy a personal transporter or if there is no necessity for too often deliveries – it’s always possible to find enclosed auto transport trailers for rent. Meaning you can still use them pretty often for the appropriate period of time, but the investments will be not that high.

aluminum enclosed car trailer

Particular deal

Today there is no need to visit some remote markets in different states of the USA to find an appropriate offer. Everything can be arranged online.

For your convenience there are a lot of online platforms where you can find a great variety of offers of the used trailers from different sellers across the country. The most famous manufacturers in the United States are Covered Wagon, Diamond Cargo, Carry-On, Homesteader and some others you can choose from. But less common brands also can surprise you with good-quality trailers for more attractive prices.

Here is the main information you need to pay attention to:

  • Price. Of course, buying a used auto transport trailer for sale you can expect to spend much less money than for the new model. But it’s not always like this. In some cases, the seller can make some important improvements and adjustment to the original version of the trailer which lead to its more efficiency and, therefore, higher price;
  • Condition. This is a very essential parameter. As soon as you see used, you should be more careful with checking a particular situation with the trailer look and technical characteristics. Thus, a mileage in this case is a very strong indicator of the real value of the vehicle;
  • Pictures. Considering that in many cases purchasing a transport trailer is occurring online and you will see it only upon delivery, it’s very important to make sure you have the exact idea of how it looks like. Of course, the look will not affect the efficiency of performing, but it can be crucial to check if there are no serious damages, rust and scratches on the surface;
  • Technical characteristics of the trailer. It’s not only the make and the model that can provide you with the basic idea of what this particular vehicle is. Also, you will need to consider the gross vehicle weight rating as well as empty weight to make sure this particular carrier fits your requirements. The type of the axles and tires, the fuel it consumes and many other features that can be very important in your particular case;
  • Cargo capacity. Cargo maximum length and weight is what you need to know to compare this data with the vehicle’s parameters you are going to transport with this trailer. And it’s better to purchase a slightly bigger and more functional car transport trailer to adapt it for the future needs (and not to buy another one when your business will prosper).

When making a final decision, you should carefully check all the paragraphs of the contract you are going to sign, especially in regards to the delivery process and the insurance or guarantee provided. Otherwise, even the cheapest option possible will turn into just unnecessary wasting of money with a very short-term result.

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