Jobs of transporting rental cars

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Main characteristics of the transporting rental cars jobs

Jobs of transporting rental cars are pretty different from traditional driver service. Here you have much less communication with customers but it doesn’t mean there are no personal characteristics which are required for this profession.

If you are not very familiar with transport rental cars jobs but interested in getting to know about it, here is some most basic information in this regard.

Main responsibilities

Car rental transporter jobs involve, first of all, driving service to and from the clients. As you may know, when renting a vehicle, especially in a new city on holidays, people usually request the car to be delivered to a particular place, for example, to their home. And after their vacation is finished, most probably they will prefer to leave the car at the same place. So, the main responsibility of the rental driver in this case is to make sure that this particular car will be delivered in time to the clients and afterwards back to the company’s parking or garage.

Quite often the pick-up location for the clients is located in the airport as it’s much more convenient for them to get a possibility to drive the car directly upon arrival.

Typically, the car is not just being left at the agreed location for the client as the key has to be handed over to the “temporary users”. This is a great example of the communication side of the rental car transport jobs. Most employers have their own company’s policy about the employees’ behavior with the customers and you need to make sure to do your best to follow it.

One more significant part of the rental car transporter jobs is to check the car’s condition when picking it up after the clients left it. The sooner the problem or damage will be found out, the easier it will be for the insurance company to cover it.

Within this particular type of service, you can find some more specific variants of the transport rental car jobs. For example, there are separate Airport Rental Car drivers who are dealing only with this specific location as it’s becoming more and more common that the clients are choosing this option. On the other hand, it’s pretty convenient for the rental company to have only one specific place for drop off and pick up. In this case they can even buy or rent one particular place marked with the name of the company so every client will easily find the location of the car. This is extremely important in regards to the airport destinations as they are, firstly, usually very overcrowded and secondly, people are getting lost after long flights and would be happy to spend less time looking for their car.

Rental Car Cleaner job can in some cases also be included in the responsibilities of the driver but in this case, it has to be written in the contract. Otherwise, the company will need to hire another employee for this specific service. Nowadays, this job can be replaced by just visiting a washing service on the way to or from the clients – obviously, the car should be clean when it’s delivered for the customer’s usage.

Car Rental Management is a very specific part and can be performed by both the Manager of the rental company and the experienced driver. In comparison with more traditional methods of running business, it’s always better to perform such management on all levels of the company.

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Salary and demand

If you consider the average nationwide salary of the car rental driver, nowadays it’s 23,960 dollars per year. But of course, there are a lot of factors that can make it both lower or higher. Thus, more experienced drivers working in big famous companies in some states of the United States can get an essentially higher level of earnings than their colleagues from another part of the country. Thus, about one percent of jobs have the salary rate between 39,000 and 42,000 dollars which is essentially higher than average. On the other hand, 31 percent of rental drivers are getting only 15,000-18,000 dollars annually. Additionally, every employer provides the personnel some additional bonuses like Health Insurance and discounts and this should also be considered.

There are some states that have higher demand for this type of driving service than others. Thus, you can easily get a job in Louisiana, Florida, South and North Carolina, Ohio, Alaska, Virginia, Arkansas, New York and Maine. The city with the highest demand for the rental drivers in this case is Charleston.

This information and these numbers are not static and the situation can be changed every time. For example, during Covid-19 pandemic the quantity of travelers was significantly lower than a couple of years ago which obviously affected the rental cars’ business in the whole country.

On the other hand, we cannot say that there is no demand at all. Business travelers still have to rent a car wherever they arrive as it’s definitely the cheaper and the most efficient option in comparison with hiring a personal driver or using the taxi on a daily basis.

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