Modern variety of the cars shipment companies

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Modern variety of the car shipment companies

It can be not so easy to find an appropriate company that ships cars, especially if you are not very familiar with the industry and its specific features. To help you to choose, we have gathered the most famous and reliable American transportation companies, both carriers and brokers, so you can see the main differences and make the best choice.

Usually, such lists of the Tops are reconsidered every year, and here we provide you with the most updated version for 2021. The ratings are based both on the customers’ reviews online and the opinion of the specialists. It doesn’t mean that only these particular companies are worth your attention. It’s just examples helping to understand which features you need to pay more attention and which are not that essential.

Montway Auto Transport

This ship car company is definitely one of the best in the whole industry. It has everything you need and for an adequate price. Open and enclosed transporters, delivery throughout the whole country, including Hawaii and Alaska. The last detail is essentially important as not every big company is dealing with these regions. Additionally, you will find here some important and convenient bonuses as 24/7 customer service and allowance of 100 pounds of personal belongings inside the car.

The best way to understand each particular ship car company's advantages and disadvantages is to go through the feedbacks. In regards to Montway Auto Transport the main benefits you will find is an amazing customer-oriented service as well as the timely delivery.


There are no other car ship companies which can provide you with such a great variety of different discounts and offers. This transportation services’ company takes extra care about its reputation that is why its partners are constantly checked for any misconduct or negative reviews from the customers.

If you are interested, the company can provide you with special insurance called GAP (stays for Guaranteed Asset Protection). Also, in case of hurry, you will be provided with an expedited delivery offer.

In regards to the discounts, it should be underlined that most of them cannot be combined and you can choose only one per order. It’s not a very big discount as well – up to 50 USD only, but can become a nice benefit. Especially while the quotas here are pretty average in comparison with competitors.

Sherpa Auto Transport

Guarantee is the first association in regards to this carrier. If you or any of your friends and relatives have ever dealt with the companies that ship cars, most probably you faced the problem of unstable prices. It’s can be affected by raising in fuel cost (which can lead to a significant raising of the price in case of the across-the-country shipping), by some weather conditions (when the driver has to wait at some lodging because of heavy rain or snowfall) or even by unexpected maintenance works on the main road. In all these cases the additional costs will lay on the client unless it’s not a guaranteed quota of Sherpa Auto Transport. Here the price cannot be changed regardless of any circumstances. And even if such a quota will cost you a little bit more, it’s a good price for this kind of guarantee.

This is not the only benefit you can get with this carrier. For example, there is quite a unique wash reimbursement of 20 USD value you will get which is especially important and even necessary when choosing an open transportation.


Here, at this marketplace, you will find a lot of companies to ship cars throughout the country. This is a great tool for the comparison purposes when you can see different offers and different prices. And if you are good at bidding, you will definitely get a really good offer.

There is one strong advantage of UShip in comparison with traditional transportation brokers – you will have an opportunity to discuss the details of the shipment directly with the carrier. On the other hand, here you also need to carefully check all the details in the contract as they vary from company to company. For example, some carriers do not have GPS tracking. What concerns the insurance, you can always purchase it directly from the UShip website.

car transport


This is a very unique broker which is family-owned. The owners do their best to provide the customers only with reliable and trustworthy carriers and to make sure that the whole process is as smooth as possible. The prices of the delivery are pretty adequate and standard. Thus, if you consider a long-distance delivery with more than 1,500 miles trip, the quota per mile will be about 0,50 USD.

You can also be assured that there will be a very low risk of delay as eShip is very carefully checking the reputation of the carriers in this regard. Our advice is just to double check the particular carrier to avoid any frustration.

More and more transportation companies are appearing at the modern market, offering a great variety of services with a huge range of the prices. There is no need to check every particular company – you can easily use one of the mentioned above and be sure that the service you get is in correspondence with standard requirements.

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