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Popular questions of cars transportation reviews

If you need to arrange a transportation service for your car, today you have plenty of variants. Within a great number of the car transport companies a review will help you to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. You can also check their websites to get a better image of the services it provides. Private car transport companies also will provide you with a free quote of the transportation depending on the distance, your car’s parameters and some other factors.

But this sphere can be very new for you, and some points will still be unclear. Here we gathered the most common and important questions you may ask and prepared some basic and easy-to-understand answers. You still can use the reviews of car transport companies to make a better choice, but at least you will know what aspects to pay attention to.

What are the main factors for the cost?

The price of the transportation is very complex, and one small factor can significantly change the final quote you need to pay. Of course, even with the same factors included the price of top car transport companies can be slightly higher than of inexperienced and small competitors, but this additional amount of money is a cost of your protection.

On average, for your car’s delivery across the USA you should expect to pay between 500 and 1,500 dollars. The final price depends, first of all, on the distance the truck driver will need to cover to pick up and later drop off your vehicle. Particular locations also play an essential role. Obviously, you will pay less for the delivery from big city to big city than between remote rural areas.

Your car and its parameters are very important as well. And here we are talking not only about a particular model with its standard size and weight but also about the type of car itself. Classic car transport companies will have a higher-than-average rate because beside the transportation service itself they will provide your car with extra care and protection on the way. But even here you can find some solutions. For example, if you are planning to apply for the delivery of the car service on a permanent basis, you can discuss with the carrier some discounts as such a long-term relationship will be mutually beneficial.

The type of shipping can also change the price up to 50 per cent of the original cost. You can see it on examples of enclosed car transport companies in the United States. They narrowed their business to the enclosed delivery only, but this specialization assures the customers in good quality of the service they will get. Enclosed transport means that your car will be placed inside the trailer together with just a couple of other cars (maximum 7 in total). Therefore, it will not only be protected from weather conditions and dust but also will be delivered probably much sooner as the truck driver has less stops and loops to the particular destinations.

 There are also some not that obvious factors like seasonality, advance booking, insurance included and some others. That is why you need to discuss with the transportation company’s representative how you can get the best attractive deal. Top rated transport companies have 24/7 online customer support to deal with this kind of uncertainty and questions.

How long does the delivery take?

In case of local transport companies dealing with the shipping within a state you can expect your car to be delivered in 3-4 days. Longer distances will require slightly more time. Thus, a 2,000-miles trip may take up to a week. If you are looking for particular states, you can look through the reviews on car transport companies where people are sharing their experience, including how long they were waiting. In the standard contract there must be a chapter dedicated to the estimated waiting time for the transportation service to start and in regards to its duration.

In case the offered waiting time is not appropriate for you, you can always check the possibility of the expedited or express service. Of course, it will cost you more, but knowing how important the car in our daily life and how every extra day of using a taxi or other means of transportation is inconvenient and expensive, the cost can become pretty fair.

How to prepare the car for shipping?

It’s not difficult but you need to make sure you did it properly. You need to check that you took out all the valuable personal belongings. Most carriers allow you to add some small luggage into the car upon agreement, but there are some strict requirements in regards to the final weight of the car and you need to make sure your car fits.

The car should be clean. It’s not only esthetical issues but also for your and the transportation company’s protection. Before sending a car, you need to make pictures of its surface, the same upon arrival. That is how you (or the carrier) can prove a presence of some scratches before or only after the transporting.

There is also a requirement of a quarter level of the fuel. It’s a Federal law caused by security reasons.

Normally, there is no need for some additional documentation from your side, but in some states, there can be a more serious check and you will be required to provide some papers.

What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car Moving Feedback

Is it possible to transport a non-running car?

This is one of the most difficult questions as each particular situation is different. If we are talking about a fully inoperable vehicle, it will be a great challenge for the car’s owner to find a transportation company ready to deal with it. But if the most important parts of the car are working (meaning brakes, steering and rolling), there is a big chance you will easily find an appropriate carrier.

Overall, if you are planning to bring your car to the repair workshop, it’s highly recommended to arrange it before the car's shipping. You will not only save money (partly inoperable cars usually require some additional equipment for loading and, therefore, their transportation is more expensive) but also will be able to more carefully check the condition of the car upon delivery. The later you will find any problem, the more difficult it will be to explain to the insurance company.

Can a moving company be used for the car’s delivery?

Most of us order a special moving service in case of relocation, as it’s more convenient, faster and less stressful than to send dozens of heavy parcels via plane or by yourself. And some companies indeed offer the service of the car’s transporting – they are just placing your vehicle inside the trailer together with all your personal belongings and furniture. The main point here is the size of your car. Obviously, a minivan will hardly even fit the truck.

Anyway, you can check this possibility with the moving company itself as some of them have a network of the transportation companies. Definitely, in this case you can get a very essential discount.

Some additional tips

You cannot know everything about the transportation of the cars. And you don’t have to. But one of the most important things you need to check before signing any contract is a carrier’s license. In the USA the main obligatory license is issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You can look for it on the transportation company’s website or just ask for it.

Planning ahead is one not commonly used but very useful way to cut the price. Of course, it’s not always possible to plan it too much in advance, but even a couple of months early booking can save you some hundreds of dollars.

Today almost everything is possible. And if some company refuses to ship your oversize car or a boat, you should keep going to search.

Finally, your own review on car transport companies is as valuable as your overall experience. Leaving feedback will help to keep the transportation industry safe and reliable for the customers like you (and probably for you in the future).

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