Luxury car transporters services

How to find the best luxury car transporter service

When you’re looking for luxury car transporters online, you most certainly want it to be handled with care. So, that means you will need to extensively research each and every service provider that you’re considering. Many car shipping companies can most certainly transport common sedans but only a few are able to truly offer the specialist services needed to transport an expensive or classic vehicle. So, it really does pay to take the time and compare auto shipping companies to find the one that best meets your special requirements.

What to look for in a luxury car ​​​​transport USA

When it comes to specialised luxury cars transport, it usually requires more than just a guy with a truck and trailer. Therefore, it takes a service provider that will do their best to keep your vehicle safe at all times. For truly unique and very expensive vehicles, some luxury car transporters always use only professional equipment. In addition, they make frequent stops to check in on your precious automobile.

Always look for a reliable and reputable luxury car transport service. There are many good auto shipping companies that do a great job of transporting your car. And sometimes, with many choices available, it can be difficult to decide which one to choose. But the internet makes it easy to find good luxury auto transport companies. When you start your research, this is probably the first place you go to find the best luxury car transport company. There are many to choose from but only some of them can transport unique and very expensive vehicles.

Shipping your luxury car

There are a couple of things you need to know when it comes to luxury car auto transport. Having your new vehicle shipped isn’t as simple as being placed inside a large shipping container, so here’s how it goes. First of all, your car gets picked up by the company transporting your vehicle and is loaded into a car carrier. Then your vehicle is handed over to a relocation specialist. Finally, it is then transported carefully across the country until it arrives in your garage. Your new car is of significantly high value and you can’t just entrust your high-end car to any old truck driver. The good thing is that there are plenty of services out there who are more than willing to gingerly move your car wherever it needs to go. Depending on how they carry out their shipping, expect to pay top dollar because handling a luxury vehicle and transporting it to a different location is no easy task.

Car luxury transport options

Door to door transport is a service where carriers pick up and deliver your car as close to your preferred location as possible. In addition, door to door service could also mean that your vehicle stays on the same truck during transport. This option is more expensive but saves the significant hassle. Be sure you have the time and means to arrange transporting the car between addresses and container ports at both ends if you opt for terminal-to-terminal transportation only.

Open car transport is the cheapest method to transport a vehicle. The open transport method uses multi-car haulers or single-car, flatbed trailers to complete the job. That said, this option is very risky for high-end prestige and custom cars. If you plan on using this option, be sure to take out a full-coverage insurance policy.

Enclosed car transport is the best way to transport a specialized or luxury car. Enclosed trucks also offer more protection against the elements. You should also look for a transporter with soft tie-downs in their trucks and trailers to avoid bodywork scratches. Enclosed transport uses smaller trailers that are completely closed off from the open-air. So, if you are looking for a more personal experience, consider using a service provider that will transport your specialized vehicle in a single-car cargo trailer.

Air or ocean freight?

The quickest way to transport your vehicle, either internationally or domestically, is undoubtedly by air. Whilst far more expensive, this is a very exclusive shipping option that may appeal. Ocean freight is the most common method of transporting vehicles overseas though, either by roll on roll off service or by container. The former method involves driving or rolling your car onto the ship before securing it below deck for the journey, which normally takes several weeks depending on distance. So, shipping by container is, of course, much safer because it's the most reliable luxury cars transport. Especially for more valuable or delicate vehicles, as the car is more adequately protected from the elements, from other vehicles potentially shifting, and from changes in climate and humidity.

Shipping by container

Luxury Car Transport: Safely and Securely Shipping Your Luxury Automobile 2So, if your car is shipped in a secure container, it’s either going to be loaded at the port or at home along with your household goods. If you’re shipping your car in a container with furniture and loading it from home, it’s essential to build a protective plywood wall within your container first, though specialist shippers will normally do this for you. All alarm systems must be disconnected as well as the battery, and the car should be drained of all fuel to make it non-hazardous and fit for shipping. Wheels need to be blocked with chocks or wooden blocks and then lashed into place securely. Again, many companies will often do this for you since they have a vested interest in your vehicle making the journey in one piece. So, find out whether they can or will provide a vehicle loading service if you’re loading from home, as the container will not sit at ground level on arrival at your property. Otherwise, you will need to look into hiring a flatbed from your local garage to get the car into the container safely.

What steps to take to ensure that your luxury car is transported properly

Before your car gets picked up, there are a couple of things you need to do to make sure your luxury vehicle gets transported properly. First of all, fill up the tank of your car to get it on and off the car carrier. Take photos of your vehicle from its side panels, the underbody, and the doors. You can use it as reference in case any damages occur during transportation. Remove all belongings from the car as these will not be insured. Check the battery and tyre pressures as well as antifreeze levels. Retract the radio aerial and ensure the car has no more than half a tank of fuel on board. Cars shipped by container, however, should be drained of fuel with batteries disconnected. Make sure your transporters’ insurance covers stereos, GPS, and other electronic additions. If not, have them removed before shipping. Disable the alarm and immobilizer if possible If you are using a roll-on-roll off service, your car has to be in running condition which is another reason why classic cars are particularly difficult to ship.

By the way, verify the insurance details first before having your car transported. It helps to know the extent of the liability of your carrier in case of damages to your vehicle. Most car transport companies offer concise insurance details like covering for negligence on their part. External factors also come into play when discussing insurance with the company. What happens if an accident occurs and the car gets damaged? Do companies cover for unavoidable damages like natural calamities for example? Talk about the insurance coverage with your chosen auto transport company and don’t hesitate to discuss it with them in further detail.

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