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Auto Shipping Group Review

Auto Shipping Group is a relatively new player in the market of US auto shipping which is actively developing step by step. It has been offering its transport services to the population for a few years, but has already shown itself as a reliable and trustworthy company. We have prepared a small overview of Auto Shipping Group with its shipping services across the USA and main directions of work.

Auto Shipping Group USA and open transportation

Auto Shipping Group offers both open and enclosed transport to its customers with all the necessary warranties and protection. The company has various open-air trailers for transporting several vehicles at a go. They ship cars, boats, trucks, SUVs, fleet vehicles, and motorcycles. Shipping a vehicle on an open carrier is the most widespread method of transport moving. Almost 90% of US vehicle shipping takes place on open-air trailers. It is cost-efficient, so you can save money, and it helps you save time and effort. In order to get a shipping quote from ASG for open transport, you need to request it online or via telephone. There are a lot of positive auto shipping group reviews for open-air transport, as it is safe and efficient. So find some free time to study them in order to get a better idea of the service and its quality.

Auto Shipping Group USA and enclosed transportation

You will find fewer Auto Shipping Group USA reviews for enclosed transportation in comparison with open-air shipping, as this type of vehicle transportation is less popular and demanded. Enclosed transport costs more than open shipping as it provides more protection to the vehicle. Auto Shipping Group has sealed containers and other types of secured trucks for safe transportation, so the vehicles are not disclosed to road elements and bad weather conditions. However, this type of shipping doesn’t enjoy much popularity because of high rates. 

Auto Shipping Group USA and classic car transportation

The company also provides classic car transportation services, although there are not many transport reviews Auto Shipping Group for this type of shipping. This is especially important for people who want to ship their classic car safely and on time. Auto Shipping Group offers trackable shipping, which means that you are constantly updated on the current location of your vehicle. This option is very convenient and helps you save peace of mind.

Door-to-door delivery by Auto Shipping Group USA     

Nationwide Auto Shipping Group USA offers primarily door-to-door delivery. This option is very convenient, as it helps save time and effort. The company has affordable rates and flexible shipping conditions. You can find a lot of Auto Shipping Group USA reviews by satisfied clients who got their vehicles delivered safely and as scheduled. In case of any emergency the company offers the option of expedited car shipping.

Currently nationwide Auto Shipping Group USA covers the following cities: Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, San Diego, Baltimore, Miami, Boston, Phoenix and Portland.

Military vehicle shipping by Auto Shipping Group     

TruckAuto Shipping Group offers military car shipping at affordable rates and with good discounts. They can ship your vehicle anywhere in the domestic USA or offshore to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands and most overseas locations. The discounts are available for serving and retired military members. In order to get your military discount you only need to provide certain documents and to request the appropriate calculations from ASG staff.  

Auto Shipping Group USA insurance

According to Auto Shipping Group reviews, the company provides insurance in accordance with established US legislation to protect your vehicle from any unforeseen issues during the transportation. However, it is difficult to find any relative information about the terms of insurance and its coverage on the company’s website. So you had better contact the staff and ask for some additional information for your peace of mind.

As for the website itself, it’s rather informative but a bit inconvenient to surf. ASG provides information about all the types of services they render and possible ways of payment. They even have some daily tips for a person who is going to ship a vehicle. If you fill out a special form on the website, you will get a shipping quote from the company with an estimated cost of shipping. Bear in mind that the price you will get is only a starting point for you to have an approximate calculation.

You can find a lot of Auto Shipping Group reviews on the company’s official website in the Testimonials tab. There are short reviews and long case studies with detailed description of the person’s impression. However, if you want to find more objective opinions, visit Google Reviews and check the BBB website.

We hope that our Auto Shipping Group review has helped you know the company better. 

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