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How Do I Learn Car Shipping Rates?

The first thing a person wants to know before moving his car from one place to another is the shipping car rate. However, before getting down to numbers and calculations, one should understand how rates for shipping a car are formed. 

What you should know about car shipping 

There is a wide range of companies offering transport services with various shipping car rates. So in order to find the best car shipping rate, you will have to be patient and devote as much time and attention to this issue as possible. 

Get ready that during car shipping you will work either with brokers or with carriers. Brokers are intermediaries between you and carriers. They work for your comfort and try to find the best shipping rates cars for you. It is necessary to mention that while dealing with a broker you pay more, but the cost is justified. Brokers check each carrier for you, so you won’t be posed to any risks.

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What factors influence cars shipping rates

Generally, rates for shipping a car depend on a few factors. Let's take a look at the major ones.

Distance and shipping a car rates 

One of the main factors playing a crucial role in the formation of shipping rates for cars is the distance between the initial and the final locations. The farther you need to transport your vehicle, the more you will pay for the shipping. However, many companies offer discounts when shipping far, so the price per mile can be lower. 

Length of your car and shipping car rates   

If your car is too long, it occupies a lot of space on the trailer. This means that the car shipping company won’t be able to transport more cars. Thus, in order to earn more the company has to take more money when transporting long cars. What is more, long cars may be difficult to load/unload. 

Height of your car and car shipping rates 

As well as with the length of the car, the height also matters. When a car mover transports an SUV with a height of 74 inches, it will take fewer sedans, whose average height is about 57 inches. So in order to compensate for the income loss in case of shipping high cars, the transport company needs to establish increased shipping car rate for such vehicles.  

Weight of your car and rates for shipping a car  

Why do heavy vehicles cost more to transport? The answer is simple - shipping heavier cars leads to the larger fuel consumption. Therefore, shipping rates cars increase when your car weight is about 4,500 pound and more.  

Condition of your vehicle and shipping a car rates

If you need to transport a non-operational car, it will cost you about $150 more. The thing is that a shipping company will need to use special equipment in order to load/unload your vehicle, if it’s out of order. As a result, the car shipping rate will increase. It is necessary to mention that there are companies who work only with operational cars.

Type of transporting and shipping rates for cars

Vast majority of owners prefer open shipping to enclosed one, although the latter ensures more safety during the transportation. However, enclosed shipping is an option to consider for the transporting of luxury or classic cars. Moreover, carriers offering enclosed shipping can accommodate only six cars, while during open transportation it is possible to move about 9-10 vehicles. This is again the case when the company has to compensate for its losses because distance and expenses are the same.

Seasonality and shipping car rates

It is difficult to imagine that time of the year can influence the formation of shipping car rate. Nevertheless, it does. Seasonal fluctuations find reflection in the maximum peak of pricing in spring-summer. The lowest cost for car transport is in winter.

Your location and car shipping rates   

If you need to move your car from an  urban area, it will cost you less. Rates for shipping a car increase in rural areas, as they are situated farther from the main highways and the carrier has to bear additional expenses to get there.

Now, when you know more about the way shipping rates for cars are formed, you can request quotes from different companies and compare them in terms of cost-efficiency and flexibility. Bear in mind that your aim is to find the best ratio of quality and price.  

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