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If you are facing the necessity of transporting a car, especially in regards to the quite long distances, you can take a look at the great number of the carriers providing such a service. And even if you are applying for the first time (which is most probably), dealing with the most reliable and famous car transporters will make the whole process fast and the most effective.

Here we will cover a couple of the reliable transportation companies and their specific characteristics. Obviously, there are much more carriers on the modern market. But knowing these ones and their benefits will help you to better understand the differences.

Easy Auto Ship

Easy Auto Ship

Usually, people are quite careful and pretty suspicious in regards to the new companies. But this cars’ transporting company is a great exception. Personalized services and customer support, attractive quotas, extra protection from the damage – all of this made it one of the most popular carriers in quite a short period of time. If you check the reviews from the previous clients, you will easily be convinced that you can trust your car for transport to this company.

In regards to the price, here you can find lower than average quotas. This is especially obvious for the enclosed transportation. Thus, on average it costs about 1, 120 USD for the car’s delivery while when dealing with Easy Auto Ship it will take about 980 USD.

The only thing that may slightly be annoying is the company’s website with a lot of ads, but in this case it is not a very big concern.

Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport

The first thing you need to know about this car transport company is that it was created by the person who intended to improve the service overall. There is no bigger motivation for success than a will to fix the existing weakness in the industry. Nowadays, Sherpa Auto Transport is famous exactly for its great customer-oriented service when almost every request and wish can be fulfilled. If you have an oversize car to transport or need to make it in some particular, not very common way, you can be assured that this company will do its best to assist you.

One more important and quite rare among competitors' features of this carrier is the guaranteed quotas available. The reason for the popularity of this option is that in many cases the final price the car’s owner has to pay to the transporters of the car is quite different from the primary one. Sometimes the difference can become really crucial. The reasons can be very different starting from the necessity to change the route because of some construction works on the road and ending with unfair transportation services’ providers with hidden expenses. Here you can agree for the guaranteed quota which will not be changed regardless of any circumstances. Of course, to cut some risks for the carrier, this price is slightly higher than a normal one but in most cases it’s worth it.

Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport

The huge advantage of this transport car provider is availability. Some states are not very easy to reach, especially if we are talking about Alaska and Hawaii, and far not every company can provide the delivery there. Montway carriers not only work across the whole country but also can assist to deliver your vehicle in the most remote locations with quite a fair price. Of course, it will take a bit more time than usual, but you always have the possibility to arrange an expedited service.

Here you can also get a guaranteed pick-up date which is quite a unique option on the market. Add to this an extended insurance coverage and the idea to choose this particular carrier will become even more attractive.



From the first sight, this company is not that attractive in regards to the cost of cars to transport. Here we have a little bit of a different advantage – discounts. On the carrier’s website you can always find really good deals depending on the locations and other transportation details which change quite often. Some of the examples of such discounts are for military and senior citizens, for the advance booking, return customers and others.

Here you also will find a great service and attention to details as well as a pretty good and reliable insurance policy.

Bargain Auto Transport


In comparison with previous transporters on the list here we are talking about the whole platform with a great variety of the carriers across the country. Therefore, it’s becoming much easier and faster to find a way to transport the car whichever destinations you are considering.

The main characteristic of the process is that you are setting your own rate and waiting until some carrier will agree to it or offer you another deal. It should be mentioned that only reliable companies are represented in the list on the Bargain Auto Transport website. Still, you will need to carefully go through all the details in the contract which you will sign with a particular carrier and not the platform itself. There can be some hidden costs and too low insurance, for example, so you definitely will need to be more careful. But getting a much lower than average quota can be worth it.

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