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Is Cheap Auto Shipping Good?

When you need to transport a vehicle, you are most likely to look for cheap auto shipping. Searching for an affordable rate is natural, but we all know that cheapest auto shipping has its own risks. So in order not to get trapped, you’d better look for a good ratio of quality and price.

What influences the formation of auto shipping cheap cost?

In order to find auto shipping cheapest, you need to understand how the price for car shipping is generated. There are several factors that influence the formation of shipping cost. Find them below:

  • Make and model of your vehicle. Extraordinary and unusual vehicles cost more to ship as the shipping company will need additional space and equipment to transport them.

  • Dimensions and weight of your vehicle. Larger cars are more expensive to transport, as well as heavier ones. 

  • Type of shipping. If you want to find the cheapest auto shipping, it’s a good idea to choose an open carrier, as its cost is almost 40% less than that of the enclosed transport. But bear in mind that your vehicle will be open to road elements and bad weather conditions.

  • Type of delivery. Almost all companies offer door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal types delivery. Cheap auto shipping is associated with terminal-to-terminal delivery, however it’s more time-consuming and less convenient, as you will have to take your car to the pick up terminal yourself and accept it at the destination terminal. And some companies don’t have terminals all over the country.

  • Travel distance. Auto shipping cheapest is available for short distances, longer distances cost more. However, there are discounts available per mile.

  • Seasonality. If you are looking for auto shipping cheap, plan it in the winter, during summer months you will have to pay more as the demand is higher. 

  • Shipping window. The more in advance you book your auto shipping, the better, as the price will be lower.  

  • Your car condition. Inoperable cars are more pricey to transport because of their condition. The shipping company will have to spend more resources to transport your vehicle which is out of order.

Why is cheap auto shipping risky?

When you search ‘auto shipping cheap’, you risk finding a shady company with unreliable service and nontransparent schemes of payment. What is more, the cheapest auto shipping may have certain restrictions regarding the transportation window and how much in advance you need to order your vehicle transportation. 

Being budget-conscious is very important when it comes to auto transport, but being careful and aware of all the pitfalls is even more important. 

If you want to make your car shipping as trouble-free as possible, check reviews and testimonials by verified buyers on Google Reviews and Better business Bureau.

In conclusion, we would like to add that you should weigh all pros and cons and choose the option which is more suitable and affordable right in your case. Try to find the best balance between the price and the quality or you may have to sacrifice the latter.

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