Factors of the cars shipping cost

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Factors of the cars shipping cost

A car’s delivery is a serious moment for every owner. You need to consider a lot of details and the whole picture together to make a choice when, how and with which company to arrange this service. And the more information you have, the better you are prepared.

Seasonal specialty

Considering car transportation services, first of all you need to have understanding about the high and low seasons for the carriers. Like in every other sphere and industry, high demand causes higher prices and vice versa. And if you are able to plan the car shpping in advance, you can save a significant sum.

  1. Despite the fact that winter is normally used to be a low season for the car’s delivery, December is a holiday period and there are not so many truckers available which causes some difficulties. Middle of the winter is a time when quite a lot of Americans are trying to spend time in warmer states in the South, so the price of transporting into that direction can be slightly increased. The most recommended winter month in this case is February and you will definitely be surprised with its rates and quotas.
  2. March can propose quite similar prices as in February, but the later period of the spring you are requesting, the higher can be the quota. It’s because of the apprising tendency of the coming back from South to North.
  3. Summer time is definitely the most popular season for the car transportations services which keeps the rate high during all three months almost on the equal level. People are going for vacations, students coming back home for summer holidays. Even buying a new house is normally occurring in summer.
  4. Students going back to universities are creating a pretty high level of demand for the car’s transportation in September. So, if you can afford to transfer the delivery time to the later autumn months it may save you money and cut the estimated waiting time.
  5. Understanding the factors of the cars shipping cost is essential when planning a move. Key elements include distance, vehicle size, and delivery speed. Additionally, when furniture transporting, especially baby furniture, it's crucial to ensure safety and protection. Our reliable services cater to all your needs, offering competitive rates and peace of mind for your valuable items.

Car’s characteristics

Every particular case is different and has to be considered separately. And one of the reasons why is a great variety of the vehicles.

First of all, a model and make can significantly affect the capacity of the truck. Bigger height, length and weight can definitely influence the car shipping cost as there are limitations of the allowed parameters of the occupied truck. So, any extra inches or kilos may lead to the impossibility of loading one more additional car and that is why you will need to pay more to cover the transportation company’s losses. Before shipping you also need to inform the carrier about any technical changes you did to your vehicle as they also can change its dimensions.

Your car’s conditions are also an essential part of the final cost. It’s considered that it can be driven into and from the truck but in case of the troubles with brakes, for example, the trucker will need to make some additional arrangements and preparations to load your vehicle on the truck. When looking for a particular company you may even face such requirements for the transportation as operable brakes, roll and steer.


Definitely, the distance itself has a significant effect on the price of the car’s shipping, but there are also some interesting facts. Not everybody knows, but with the increase of the distance the quota pet mile lowers. Thus, in case of a short-distance trip you will pay about 2 USD per mile while a delivery for more than 1,500 miles will change the rate to 60 cents per mile.

Remote destinations are normally affecting the cost. If you compare the price of the same distance’s transportation between Miami and Los Angeles and between some small towns in the rural area, the first one will look more attractive. This is because in the second case the driver needs to make a loop from the main route and the fuel consumption and his additional working hours are laying directly on your quota.

Insurance for Shipping Your Car

Other details

Insurance is a significant part of every transportation service, and it’s directly your responsibility to make sure it covers the value of your car. In most cases it’s already included in the quota and has up to 100,000 USD coverage. The issue that there can be different cases mentioned in each particular insurance policy. And if you think it’s not enough or your car’s value is much higher than 100,000 USD, you can always arrange an additional one.

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