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Reliability of the online car shipping quotes

Car shipping quotes online is a great modern tool which will provide you with much more flexibility and comfort. Today you don’t need to spend some extra time making calls to the numerous transportation companies to figure out how much it will cost to deliver your car from point A to point B. And of course, you will not need to physically visit the offices of the carriers in the United States.

Some people still prefer live conversation with the transporter’s representative – it’s a good opportunity to ask questions and to discuss the options for some unusual cases. But the overwhelming majority of the car’s owners prefer to use car shipping online quotes. You can easily get them from any place where you have the Internet, with during the break at work which will free a lot of time you can use for the appropriate arrangements.

Car Shipping Quotes


Traditional online calculator consists of a few main groups of the questions you will need to answer so this analytical tool can do its job. It’s always best to use the instant online calculators which will give you a more accurate and reliable information about the car shipping quote online so will not have some undesirable surprises in this regard in the later stages. There is nothing worse than to agree on one original price which will be significantly changed later, when you will know all the hidden expenses you will also need to pay. That is why you should check the rates on the websites of the reliable and trustworthy carriers and brokers you can trust. To check this point, you can easily use the reviews of the previous customers who will tell you if the particular company is worth your attention or not.

Meanwhile, every carrier will have pretty the same fields you will need to fill. And here they are:

  • Information about the locations. In the case of the Easy Auto Ship, one of the most influential transportation carriers in the industry, it’s only the zip codes of the original place and the final destination.  Some other shipping car quotes online will require inputting the name of the states and the cities. But still, on this stage of the arrangement, you don’t need to provide more detailed information about the particular locations (like streets and houses). This is done for the security and confidentiality reason while the exact location you will need to give later cannot essentially affect the original price (in most cases it will not have an effect at all). In some cases, it can be convenient for you to choose a terminal-to-terminal delivery, especially if you are from the very remote districts;
  • The type of the transport. Many transportation companies are working in two ways: with an open platform and with the covered truck. The second option actually can have two variations as well: when the vehicles that need to be delivered are just covered by a tent which still provide a much better protection from the environment than an open truck and when the vehicles are fully loaded inside the trailer. Depending on the value and the conditions of your car, you can choose a most fitting method which will essentially affect the online quote of car shipping. In some cases, the difference can reach up to 60 percent. But, of course, exotic and rare cars have to be delivered by the second option and inside the truck. One more additional reason for this choice is that in the enclosed transport your car will be also hidden from the potential vandalisms. You need to take into account that during the delivery the driver will have to make some stops, especially in case of the across the country transportation. Thus, you can be sure that your precious vehicle is in safe;
  • Details about the vehicle. Every truck, both open and enclosed, has its maximum capacity. Therefore, the parameters of each car to be delivered are very important. More massive and heavy vehicle will not allow the carrier to add some extra car onto the truck and, therefore, the company will have a less profitable delivery. In this case you may be required to pay extra for these unreceived profits. To give the transporter a better understanding of your car’s parameters, you will not need to get into technical details like its weight and length. It will be enough to choose the vehicle’s type (sedan’s transportation will definitely have a lower car shipping online quote than, for example, minivan or SUV). Besides the cars themselves, many companies can also provide you with such unique services as transportation of the boats, heavy equipment, motorcycles, motorhomes and many others, but they can not be included into the shipping car quote online calculation and it’s better to discuss such situations directly with the transportation company. In the case of the Easy Auto Ship, you have a lot of choices of the types. But of course, different sedans may have essentially different technical characteristics. To provide the calculator with more accurate details you will also need to choose the car’s model, make and year. One more important advantage of the website of the Easy Auto Ship is that in this stage you can provide the carrier with the exact parameters of your car like its length, width and weight so the calculations will be even more accurate. But this is optional – more basic information will also be enough for getting an adequate instant online car shipping quote for your case;
  • If the car is operable, the delivery will cost you significantly less than in other cases. Moreover, many companies are not dealing with the delivery of vehicles with broken brakes, rolls and steering wheels so you may spend much more time researching. Some unessential problems with the car normally do not affect the process of its loading and unloading but if you are not sure, you can always check these details with the company’s agent. It’s still recommended to do it in advance to avoid some delays and even refusals.

What concerns the payment, today many carriers and transport brokers can allow you to arrange the transportation process without any upfront fees. Moreover, you can save some money if you will pay the driver in cash – it’s a very welcomed gesture, and you can have an advantage from this as well.

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