Best choice of the car transporting company

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Best choice of the car transporting company

There are a great number of companies involved in a car transporting business. In this regard you need to be sure that you will choose a reliable and supportive one to deliver your vehicle wherever and whenever you want. Here we are demonstrating a few examples of the most popular among customers all over the U.S. car transporters and you may choose the most appropriate in every particular case.

Criteria of the choice

Before making a deal, you need to figure out which features need to be considered in priority and which are not so important. And the price is far not the only thing you need to pay attention to.

  1. Great customer service. To make sure about it, you may just check reviews of the previous clients and to see what are the benefits and possible disadvantages of using this particular car transport. Doing this you should remember that not all the reviewers are objective enough, so the more feedbacks you check the more accurate and trustworthy information you get.
  2. Insurance. Considering the specific service a car transport company provides, it’s essential to make sure it includes at least a basic insurance coverage in the quota. Otherwise, you need to add it separately and, in some cases, extra insurance also may have sense. For example, if you need to deliver a highly expensive classic or sport car to another state through a long distance, additional few hundred dollars for insurance will be nothing in comparison to the whole car price in case of emergency or a car accident. Of course, accidents which involve cars’ transporters are extremely rare but you never know what will happen this time.
  3. Delivery speed. Normally a cars’ transport company should wait until a few customers will apply for delivery to some states to arrange transportation. And obviously it may take not a few days but a few weeks and even months. Especially during summertime and holidays. But some companies have a bigger and broader network of truckers and customers all over the country so it may be much easier and faster to deal with them even if the price is slightly higher. Additionally, you may always pay an extra fee for expedited transportation.
  4. Way of delivery. There are two common methods for a car transportation:
    •  enclosed one, when the vehicle is placed into a closed trailer and has maximum protection from road debris. This method is perfect for expensive cars as well as during bad weather conditions, but you need to be ready to pay 60 % more of the basic price for such extra care;
    •  open method is cheaper and more common and especially is recommended if the delivery distance is not that long.

Of course, among all these features the price of a car’s transport still should be taken into consideration. As you may see, it consists of different components, so the cheapest company from the first sight can be turned into one of the most expensive just by adding all the extras mentioned above.

Famous examples

According to the customers’ reviews and a detailed analysis we have chosen a couple of companies which are one of the best in this sphere:

Easy Auto Ship

  • Easy Auto Ship. Probably you have heard about it as this company covers almost all the states, provides relatively fast and cheap service and at the same time guarantees high safety. It’s quite a new transporter among the competitors but already found an appropriate niche in the car industry;

Sherpa Auto Transport

  • Sherpa Auto Transport. One of the most distinguished features of Sherpa is a locked price. It means that you can be sure that despite any factors and issues the final price you pay will be exactly the same as a primary one. Even if the carrier had to change a route to a longer one because of the weather conditions or road’s construction works;

Montway Auto Transport

  • Montway Auto Transport. Here we can say about all the destinations you may require for. The routes of Montway covers even such remote states as Alaska and Hawaii.

These are just a few carriers you may be interested in, but the number of great car transportation companies is growing all the time.

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