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Great example of the global auto shipping

As we know, the modern world is full of possibilities, and almost every our need now can be fulfilled. And if you are looking for a good transportation company to deliver your vehicle from point A to point B even across the whole country, you can choose Global Auto Transportation. According to its name, this company provides a transglobal auto shipping service in the USA.

The specialists working in this company have a great experience in the industry (some of them are working in the transportation sphere for more than 12 years). This means you will not only get a high-quality service but also can consult on any serious topic in regards to your car’s delivery.

Special features

Today there are a great variety of different transportation companies, including those who are dealing with auto shipping on global scale. That is why every of them is trying to distinguish itself on the market providing different additional services to attract more customers and to make them loyal to the company. Here we will disclose more interesting global logistics auto shipping features you will find within the company.

  1. Insurance. Traditionally, insurance is already included into the basic quota for the car’s transportation. At Global Auto Transportation you will get a full coverage meaning any damages which can occur on the way will be included. Of course, there are some special cases you might be interested in, and there is always a possibility to add extra coverage. This is especially common in case of the most expensive and rare automobiles.
  2. Variety of services. Of course, usually car’s owners request the delivery of standard sedans, minivans, SUVs, but there is also a possibility to deliver a boat, a motorcycle, an oversize trailer, a snowmobile and any other vehicle, both operable and inoperable. You have an opportunity to choose a more common and cheap open transportation or an enclosed delivery with more exclusive service. Also, typical terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door deliveries are presented among the services provided. Additionally, the company is pretty famous among militaries as it can also assist in transportation of the heavy equipment.
  3. Estimated time of the delivery. This is a pretty flexible feature as it fully depends on such factors as the distance, the time of the year or even a week. But you always have a chance to apply for global express auto shipping when your car will be delivered in the shortest possible period, sometimes even within a day.
  4. Availability. In this case we are talking about the possibility to arrange the pick-up and drop-off service in any location across the country. In comparison with most of competitors, this company provides transportation service almost everywhere, including such remote states as Alaska and Hawaii. These states even stay separately on its website as the delivery in these cases has some distinguishing features. For example, longer delivery process and slightly higher price as well as some requirements in regards to the particular spots of pick-up and drop-off.
  5. Tailored service. This is one of the most important features of any transportation company. Global logistics auto shipping reviews in this case will show you more. When you check them, you will see an overwhelming majority of happy and fully satisfied customers who are recommending Global Auto Transportation to all the friends and relatives. Frankly speaking, reviews are the most important feature you need to consider when looking for a delivery’s company.

Open Car Transport

Global Auto Transportation also provides a service of relocation. This means they will not only arrange the delivery of your car to the new house but also will assist you in moving all the belongings and furniture. This is a very helpful tool as now you can be sure that the moving process will go smoothly and in the most efficient way. In some cases, your car can be even placed in the same trailer together with all the belongings so you will get everything at the same time.

If you have a very big vehicle to be delivered, such as a trailer or even a bus, this company will never tell you “no”. There is always a possibility to arrange any kind of delivery, even if the driver will have to drive your vehicle separately. You can always discuss the possibility online with the representative of the customer service or just send an email to the official address.

It’s also pretty easy to get an approximate cost of the shipping you are interested in. You just need to fill a short form on the website mentioning the zip codes or the name of the cities both in the original spot and at the destination, the basic information about your vehicle (such as year, make and model), the preferred type of the transportation and if your car is operable or not. You can even arrange the delivery for several vehicles together which can save you more money. Finally, you need to give some personal information and the desirable pick-up date so you will get your particular quota.

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